The Perfect Dress

Guys, I have so much anxiety & need your help .... our engagement photos are in a little over two weeks & I have absolutely NO idea what to wear. My photographer told me to wear a dressier outfit and a more casual one, but I have zero dresses at home that I feel would look good in our photos. As you all know, my style is very simple -- lots of black, white & neutrals, which you would think would be easier to put an outfit together. However, I don't feel like that is the case at all.

I have been browsing the internet for what seems like weeks and found some cute Zimmerman dresses that I can wear with tights and black over the knee boots. Or, I could also do a longer dress and pair with dressier kitten heels.  I guess the options are endless, hence the round up of dresses below, but I will say, I am running out of time! So hopefully, I can start to narrow down what I want to wear & then start prepping N's outfits. Any tips on prepping for engagement photos? Please share in the comments! Also, head over to instagram to say hi :)

Wines of Garnacha

As you all know, I love a good  bottle of wine. Last year, I had the opportunity to partner with Garnacha and recently they sent me some new bottles of wine to enjoy in honor of Garnacha Day which was on September 15th. Garnacha wines are absolutely delicious and their versatility makes them easy to pair with absolutely anything. 

To give you a little back ground about GarnachaGarnacha originated in eastern Spain during the 12-17th centuries and has recently developed a wide variety of wines over the last 20 years that are mixed with modern + old traditions. Garnacha is actually a grape and its wines offer everything from easy drinking to bold and classic tastes that can be enjoyed by anyone. These easy priced wines can be shared at a family gathering, a girls night in and even during the week when you want to unwind after a long day.

Have you ever had the chance to try any Spanish wines before?


  • Red Varietal — Light: poultry or pork, salmon or trout, barbecue foods.
  • Red Varietal — Full-Bodied: meats, grilled foods, memorable meals.
  • Red Blend — Light: grilled foods, works both with meat & fish.
  • Red Blend — Full-Bodied: grilled foods, spicy, flavored foods, slow‐cooked Daubes, Boeuf Bourguignon, lamb shoulder, game. Spices: thyme, tarragon, garlic, chives & fennel.
  • White/Blanc/Gris: summer truffles, salad, barbecue, white fish with lemon, Al fresco dining.
  • Rosé (Dry): versatile with food: salads, including raw tomatoes, vinaigrettes; fish: especially salmon, and seafood; light meats: paprika‐spiced chorizo; particularly good with spicy, Thai, Vietnamese & Chinese food.
  • Fortified Garnacha/Grenache —- White: exotic salad, avocado with shrimp, pizzas with cream and 3 cheeses, blue cheese.
  • Fortified Garnacha/Grenache — Fruity — Red: roasted black fruits with dark chocolate, blue cheese.
  • Fortified Garnacha/Grenache —- Oxidized White, Amber: foie gras, tendorii, Beijing duck, tajines, goat cheese, dry and blue cheese, sesame ice cream, nougatine.
  • Fortified Garnacha/Grenache — Oxidized — Red Tawny: rabbit terrine with onion marmalade, roasted figs, dried fruits, roasted or caramelized almonds/nuts.
  • Rancio Garnacha/Grenache — Amber mainly: salty anchovies, morels, truffle, salty ham, dry cheese, dried fruits.

First Impressions | Perricone MD No Makeup Instant Blur

There are days where I wanna wear a face full of makeup and there are days where I wanna be makeup free. Going makeup free isn't for everyone, but I have learned to love my skin and all of its beautiful imperfections. Now, if you could find a makeup product that helps blur away imperfections, redness, and minimize the look of fine lines overtime, wouldn't that be amazing? Well, I found a product for you that will help boost your confidence while having incredible skin.

Enter: Perricone MD No Makeup Instant Blur

The new No Makeup Instant Blur from Perricone MD does just this: It's a priming, perfecting balm with INSTANT blurring benefits and skin-improving results to take with you wherever you go. I have been using the No Makeup Instant Blur from Perricone MD for a week now & it has quickly become an addition to my everyday routine, especially when on the go. When applying the product, I love how weightless the product feels on the skin. It helps my makeup stay put & by the end of the day, I still feel and look like I just applied my makeup.

Now its your turn to take your “no makeup” look to the next level with No Makeup Instant Blur from Perricone MD! #NoMakeupNoProblem