THE REVIEW | Paula's Choice Skincare Regimen

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Naturally, my skin is a little on the red side, but when you have unexpected weather on a regular basis - like 40 degrees and rainy one day, followed by 85 and sunny another day it just makes things worse. It is challenging to find skincare products that I love, or honestly a product that I would purchase again and again. 

When Paula's Choice offered to send me their Redness Relief Skincare Line, I was on board. Their products are super affordable, but feel like high-end quality which makes them even more appealing to me. Paula's Choice offers a wide range of products that can help pretty much any skincare concern you might have, which is a huge plus when trying to find a skincare brand that works at all.

My skin is typically a mixture of oiliness and dryness, but lately there is a whole bunch of redness and dry patches that sneak up on me. I have been working out a lot more (like 6 days a week) & my diet has completely changed, so maybe that has something to do with it. They sent me the entire Redness Relief Skincare Line and I used each every product, but there are a few that stood above the rest & that I would consider purchasing again: Redness Relief Cleanser, Redness Relief Toner and Redness Relief Moisturizer.

The Redness Relief Cleanser is incredible. It has a subtle clean smell & my skin feels extra clean after using it. It lathers nicely & I feel like I am getting a good cleanse when using it. This doesn't tend to dry my face out, which is super important since my skin is really dry right now. 

After the cleanser I follow with the Redness Relief Toner which is incredibly gently on my skin. It helps equalize the redness on my face helping it appear less intense. I then end it with the Redness Relief Moisturizer, which there is one with and without sunscreen. I have been using both, of course the one with sunscreen I use in the morning before applying my makeup. It is important to protect my skin from sun damage, so I love that it has SPF in it.

Paula's Choice is a wonderful Skincare brand that I feel can fit in everyone's daily routine. If interested in trying out any of the Paula's Choice products, please use THIS LINK to receive 20% off your oder + free shipping until June 31, 2016.

Have you ever tried any products from Paula’s Choice? What are your favorites?

Celebrating Mother's Day with REEDS #REEDSLoveMoms

I am not a mother yet, but ever since I was a little girl my mother instilled in me the importance of celebrating Mother's Day. Mother's play an important role in the lives of our children. They are selfless, humble, loving, caring, full of all the hugs & kids when we need them & they deserve to be celebrated. Not just on Mother's Day but every day. I know my time will come & I will have a little one of my own running around, getting in to everything, talking back, teaching me something new about myself every day. And when they day comes I will be complete. Until then I am going to keep celebrating all of the mom's out there. 

To all my mom friends, I love you & give you all the credit in the world. Your job is tough, but you hold such special place in this world. & Remember you are loved by so many. 

Holly, I am not sure how you do it. A 2.5 year old little girl & twin girls who are almost 6 weeks old. I look up to you so much. You are an amazing mommy & I know who I will be coming to when I have a little one of my own. Thank you for making me Haddie's Godmother, I love her so much.

To my very own mommy, I love you to the ends of the earth & am so blessed to have a such a special woman in my life. I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for your love and grace that you showed me not only when I was a little girl but even as I have grown into a beautiful young woman. Thanks for being the shoulder to cry on, the laugh when I need it the most, & the honest advice that I act like I don't need. You are my mother first but my friend forever.

REEDS, a family owned jewelry store is excited to honor and celebrate Motherhood in all phases: grandmothers, new moms, children and husbands celebrating their wife or mom. REEDS has so many different pieces of jewelry to offer from Pandora & Kendra Scott to Loren Hope & David PurmanREEDS hope their products are a way to say thank you for all that this special woman does and has done for her family. REEDS is proud to offer gifts that are as everlasting as a mom’s love for her family.

Last but not least, REEDS is having a special Instagram Giveaway perfect for Mother’s Day! Visit the REEDS Jewelers page and submit your photo to the #REEDSLovesMoms Instagram $250 Giveaway. All you have to do to enter is: 1.) Upload your favorite photo of you and your mom or you and your child to Instagram. 2.) Tell REEDS what you love about your mom or motherhood. 3.) Follow @REEDSJewelers and tag your photo #REEDSLovesMoms One Grand Prize winner will receive a $250 REEDS Jewelers Gift Card! You have until 5/16 and each photo counts as an entry! Good luck –and- Happy Mother’s Day to every mom out there! You’re so special!

This post is sponsored by REEDS Jewelers but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Bloggers Who Budget | Blush For Less

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I have a thing for blush anything. It pretty much is my new favorite color. It pairs great with anything and everything & I love how feminine I feel when I wear it.

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