Eco Diva Beauty + One Love Organics

A couple months back, I was introduced to Eco Diva Beauty - an online natural beauty boutique co-owned by the beautiful Garcy Fry. This online beauty store specializes in natural & organic beauty products. One of the lines of beauty that they carry is One Love Organics & let me just say that these three products above changed my life! & let me tell you why:

VITAMIN D (Active Moisture Time Release):  Most of us lack Vitamin D (remember this post). Our bodies either don't produce enough, doesn't know how to convert it, or we aren't getting enough. This Vitamin D mist is an all natural source of Vitamin D for our skin. It helps sooth irritation & redness, as well as help prevent breakouts by keeping skin clear. This time release formula provides long-lasting hydration with a hint of rose extract, that helps protect against all those nasty environmental chemicals. You can mist a cleansed face, spritz throughout the day, or set your makeup! This all around amazing product is by far one of my favorite One Love Organics products that I have tried to date. My bottle is almost empty - so I am thinking I will need to invest in other bottle!

ROSE (Aromatic Body Serum): This body mist is absolutely fabulous. It is full of amazing ingredients such as Pumpkin Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil & Rose. These ingredients help nourish + condition the skin, provide light exfoliation to refine + improve skin texture, as well as sooth, soften + hydrate. I use this serum daily when I jump out of the shower, especially after shaving my legs. A lot of times lotion tends to irritate my newly shaved legs, but the Rose Body Serum does just the opposite (plus I feel extra special). You can even run some of the serum through your hands + apply to your hair to help soften it. It may make your hair a tad oily if it is dry, but I tend to use it before I dry my hair. (N always notices the soft gentle rose smell too!).

VITAMIN B (Active Moisture Cleansing + Makeup Remover): Seriously, life saver in a bottle! I seem to have the hardest time finding the perfect makeup + eye makeup remover. Let alone, one that is actually healthy for my skin & eyes + doesn't strip them of all the good things. This unique formula contains papain, a fruit enzyme that helps gently exfoliate + soften the skin. It also helps restore the skins natural pH balance. Overall, this makeup remover is gentle, it smells fabulous & you don't have to use a ton. It is used on a dry face with 1-2 pumps warmed between your hands & rinsed clean. You can also use it with a cotton swab with no rinse necessary. 

Have you ever tried One Love Organics? If so, what was your favorite product?

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My beauty cabinet is constantly changing, but I recently found my favorite (no lie!) cream cleanser to use with my Clarisonic. The Benefit Foamingly Clean facial wash is by far one of my favorite face washes that I have ever bought to date. It is perfect for the Clarisonic because it actually foams up, unlike some of the other cleansers that I have purchased in the past. The smell is amazingly clean + my face feels refreshed after gently removing all of my makeup & impurities. I even use the Benefit foaming cleanser without my Clarisonic (since I don't use my Clarisonic but every other day - since that can damage your skin). Other products that I have added to my routine are Philosophy's eye hope + hope in a jar night & I already love both of them. What face essentials are in your beauty cabinet?



Every morning I wake up & hop in the shower -- 1) it wakes me up 2) my hair is usually super greasy & 3) I tend to sweat + I think I sleep in weird funky ways because some mornings I wake up with a serious hot mess on top of my head. not a pretty site at all. ha oh & 4) I have OCD tendencies such as having to shave my legs every.single.morning.and.night. yes it is that bad.

I am always curious about others beauty routine, so I thought I would share what hair essentials are in my beauty cabinet. On most mornings, I hop in the shower & use my all time favorite shampoo, TRESemme Anti-Breakage or Silky + Smooth shampoo & conditioner. I have been using these for what feels like forever & when I do try to switch it up I always end up coming back to them. 

I usually dry my hair 99.9% of the time & my absolute favorite leave-in conditioner is It's A 10. It you have not tried this, seriously you need to run to your local beauty store & get yourself a bottle, because it really is THAT amazing. It tends to be a little pricey, but when my bottle is half way gone I put a little water in so that it lasts even longer. IT'S A TEN.

I have gone through SO many hair dryers & for whatever reason I just can not convince myself that spending hundreds of dollars on a hair dryer is at all worth it. But much to my dismay I found a keeper that is only $30 dollars your local Target. It is the Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer (mine is actually orange, not pink) & I love it. It leaves my hair feeling silky + smooth & I have had less breakage since I started using it 6 months ago. 

There might be 10 days out of the year when I will walk out of the house without straightening my hair. I use to use a Paul Mitchell straightener, but it went kaput last year & I purchased this 1 inch ceramic iron from Ulta & it works wonders. Oh & LOVE this after party cream. You only need a tad & I mean TAD to keep your fly-aways awayyyyyy. anymore than that & you will be a grease ball. 

Ok, so I am going to let you in on a little secret. i love batiste dry shampoo!!! ok, I am calm now. But seriously,  I have started washing my hair less + using this stuff more because it really is awesomesauce. Some people complain that dry shampoos makes your hair thick or turns your hair grey. Let me let you in on another little secret. it doesnt make your hair thick & rub it in + there wont be any grey!

For curly days, I use a 1 inch ceramic hot tools curling iron & John Freida sheer blonde hair spray. & it lasts a majority of the day.

Hope you enjoyed my beauty cabinet. What is in yours? Have you tried any of these products?