Coffee Talk


It's time for another coffee date, sweet friends. Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little last week, because I actually enjoyed getting a tad bit personal. Have a wonderful Thursday!

FEELING:  Super duper excited  to be apart of the Pursue Workshop Giveaway. I am giving away a one-of-a-kind set of business cards, completely customized with a whole lotta love by me over on instagram. You should go check it out & enter away! (p.s. also included in the giveaway is prettiness from Cake For Breakfast, Ashley Brooke Designs, Simply Jessica Marie, & Lindsay Letters!)

LISTENING TO: Timber by Pitball ft. Kesha. Yah don't judge me, but I love getting my shimmy on whenever that song comes on. & I think my neighbors probably know that I have an obsession to that song because it is currently the only song in my spotify playlist...while im in the shower. TMI.

THANKFUL FOR: I am so thankful that my parents are another year old! So let me digress, within the last week my parents have both added another candle to their birthday cake. I am sad, that I couldn't be there to celebrate with either of them, but I am so blessed that both of my parents are still enjoying life. I love them more than words can describe & miss them dearly every day. Missing their birthdays wasn't easy, since I haven't missed their birthday since I was born, so yah the last week or so has been a tough one. 

THINKING ABOUT: When the heck am I going to finish my new redesign of my blog? I mean, I feel like I have been working on it forever & it just needs to be completed already. I am honestly the worlds worst procrastinator & I am sure once I get it complete I will feel WAY more accomplished & I need that self-esteem boost right now. So note to self:get your bootay into gear & get your site done! You'll love yourself for it!

EATING: I am in the mood for cheese fries. I haven't had amazing-legit-extra-crispy-loads-of-cheese-&-extra-ranch cheese fries in a good while. So def. need to get some in my belly soon.

WATCHING: Last night, N + I decided to crack open a bottle of wine & catch up on some of our shows, le duh. We watched Vampire Diaries + The Originals, which by far of two of my favorite shows on tv. But last night, I declared that I wanna hang out with Nina Debrov & become bff, I mean I even tweeted about it. Plus she is bff with Julianna Hough, so that just seals the deal right there. 

LOVING: Madewell's new collection is on point, my friends. I worked on Tuesday & I couldn't get over all the cute shirts & new shoes ! ahhhh. I want to buy errrrything (like this printed teestriped skirtcalf hair wallet + cobalt shoes !) but I can't, so I will just stare in aww & continue to pin them to pinterest

Coffee Talk

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I've been meaning to add a little bit of life on this little ol' blog of mine & what better way then to share with you what my current state of mind is. I first spotted Ashley's Thursday Thoughts post a while back, along with Laura's Currently posts and was immediately intrigued. I just love learning about people, so I thought what the heck, "I want my readers to learn more about me." -- So here it goes!

FEELING: A tad bit overwhelmed. I feel like there is never enough time in the day to get everything that I want done, done. I have a  laundry lists of things to do & only a fraction of them get completed. I feel like the house is an never ending mess & the bed is never made. My office gives me anxiety every time I step into it because it isn't organized & I just don't have the time to sit down & complete it, so for now I am sprawled out on the kitchen bar (which works for now, until I get bored.) 

LISTENING TO: Tinsley snoring on the couch peacefully. I wish my life consisted of eating, sleeping & playing with toys. 

THANKFUL FOR: Last week, I spent 7 days in Albany, NY with my best friend, her husband + their new addition. I am so thank-ful that N bought me a plane ticket to travel to see her. & I am more than thank-ful that Holly asked me to be Hadley's Godmother. I def cried some tears of joy. Looking forward to being a positive role model in Hadley's life.

THINKING ABOUT:  I am super duper excited for Valentine's Day. This silly little holiday is full of hearts & smooches & flowers & red + pink & glitter & LOVEEEE, oh my! Story time: Growing up my mom had the most amazing Valentine's table & every year she adds new things too it. Some of my younger friends always thought it was too much, but shame on them because it is beyond magical. So thanks to my mom I have an undying love for Valentine's Day

(so don't forget this year N, ha I kid!).

EATING: With the DC snow day, I decided to whip up some homemade chili. It is a family recipe that changes every time I make it because it is all from scratch. I remember the first time I called my mom for the "recipe" & she was like there is no recipe, it's just a bunch of ingredients that you throw together. & let me just say, I make some pretty darn good chili & it's even better the second + third day!

WATCHING: I love my DVR & I am not sure if I could survive without it. I have so many shows lined up & I can't wait to dig in catch up. Some of my current favorites: Revenge, Vampire Diaries, Betrayal, Scandal, New Girl & The Originals. *I can't list all of my shows or you might think that I have a problem, which I'm sure I do. ha!

LOVING: My love for color grows by the day & I realize that is truly affects your mood. When I am wearing brighter colors + fun patterns I feel happier. & when I wear darks + neutrals (which I still love, btw) I feel a little down. So when I ran by Lowe's last week to check out the magical Pantone Universe, I truly was in awe of how pretty it was in person. I grabbed 10's no 100's of Pantone Universe paint card & can't wait to play around with them!.

Hope you have a swell day friends! & Let me know how you are feeling in the comments below. Cheers! xo



Before I share my 5 truths, how gorgeous is this hand made vintage bib necklace? I have never seen anything more fabulous! It really is a beauty. 

Now onto the real fun! Last week I was tagged by the lovely Mandy, writer + shop owner behind Waiting On Martha in her '5 Truths' post.  She shared 5 personal truths about her & then tagged me, along with 4 other bloggers to join in on the fun. So here goes nothing!

+ one:  I am by far the worst procrastinator of all time. I make lists after lists..after lists & somehow things never manage to get the important things marked off. I spend way too much time browsing the internet, playing on my iPhone, looking for inspiration, & making lists. side note: i make lists of lists. ha! so silly. 

+ two:  Back in the day ... actually only a little over a year ago was I an avid tanner + had no tans lines since I was a freshman college, slap my wrists please. thank-you! But I can safely say that I am no longer the sun-bed goddess I once was. I gave up my year round tanning cold turkey + have not touched a tanning bed since! Last summer, I think I put on a bathing suit two, maybe three times max. & I use to never wear sunscreen when I went out in the sun & now I don't leave the house without it. I am happy to be healthy & I can def see healthy changes in my skin since I stopped tanning. N still tans once in a blue moon & I get on him like white on rice every single time -- one day he will give it up!

+ three: I shave my legs every-single-time I am in the shower. & I really am not kidding. I hate the feeling of having prickly legs, especially when I have pants on. I was thinking back to what age I started shaving my legs & I was 11, going on 12 years old. My mom didn't let me start shaving until I started swimming year round in 6th grade. So, I must blame this OCDness that I have on the fact that when I was swam I wasn't allowed to shave my legs during taper, which means you grow your hair out, you wear drag suits (double up on swim suits), or wear tights in practice until the championship meet. I remember having hair on my legs that was so long that I couldn't sleep at night. So yeah, swimming you are to blame for my leg shaving OCDness.

+ four: Many of you who read my blog know that I am currently in school to be a Physicians Assistant & I graduate in only a couple months! eeek. So hard to believe that I started this little blog almost two years ago & look at where it has come is a true blessing. Some people ask how I can love medicine & then love fashion + design. Well, it is easy. I have a passion for both & honestly, when you have passion it is easy to love & do both, wholeheartedly. Even though, in only a few short months I will be sitting down to take my boards + will soon after start my career in medicine I still have bigger dreams & ambitions then many know about. This little blog of mine is only the beginning + my designing dreams could feel a room. I hope to one day be able to reach these dreams & show people that I can do anything that this little heart of mine desires, even if it different then my degree.

+ five: I am your average girl. Sometimes I wake up on the wrong side of the bed & let it affect the rest of my day. & other days I tackle the day full force + kick all the negatives to the curb. Some days I am a grouch & other days I am the bubbliest of them all. Some days I wear a smile plastered on my face hiding my true feelings, while other days my smile is a true reflection of how I am feeling. I have good habits like washing my face every night before I go to bed, waving to the driver who lets me over & giving N goodnight kisses religiously. OH & I have bad habits like not turning on the the fan in the bathroom when I take a shower, leaving my wet towel on the bed, folding clothes + not putting them where they are suppose to go, or pressing snooze eighteen too many times. I am the girl that wants girlfriends who know the meaning of what a 'true friendship' is. I have insecurities. I can be mean. I can be kind. I can be selfish. I can be selfless. I say things I regret. & sometimes I say the right things + other times I don't listen enough. I spend more money then I should & regret it later. I never get enough sleep because I never go to bed on time. I jump to conclusions & snap at N way to much. I wear my heart on my sleeve & I wear it big. My point is: I am me & very far from perfect. & this little space of mine is a reflection of who I am & what makes me smile. By no means is my life any better then any of yours & I hope I never come across that way & if I do please let me know. I truly cherish each + everyone of you more than you will ever know. So thank-you for your kind words, sweet emails & for sticking by this little ol' blog! xoxo.

Ok, so if you stuck around + made it through all my rambling. Thank-you!

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