DIY: J.Crew Etta Prints


If you are like me, then you might have a slight obsession with the J. Crew Etta Pumps.  I don't own a pair, yet but they have certainly been on my wish list for some time now. Personally, I get super giddy every time a  J. Crew Style Guide arrives in the mail. & a while back the p e r f e c t style guide arrived & I just couldn't part with it. Last week, I was going through everything in my office & decluttering my life & came across the J. Crew Italian Shoe Collection style guide & decided to tear out some of the pages & frame them. They fit perfectly in my already purchased Ikea frames that I had sitting around the house. I still need to get them up on my gallery wall, but for now they are sitting pretty in my office. 

oh, how pinteresting // pumpkins galore.

Happy Hump Day! hehe. This week is sure flying by for because of the 3 day weekend, which I {love}. I am looking forward to this weekend cause I am going back up to DC to spend time with Nick & go to the Redskins opening game on Sunday! YAY! Go Redskins!!! :] As for now, I am linking up with Michelle over at {The Vintage Apple} for oh, how pinteresting wednesday! Since Fall is {almost} here {the official day is September 23rd} I am already falling in-LOVE with all thinks pumpkin! I am such a little kid when it comes to holidays, especially all the holidays of Fall/Winter! I love going to the pumpkin patch & picking out my own pumpkins. & I don't mean just some 'pumpkin store' on the side of the road. I mean a real-pick-out-your-own-pumpkin-from-millions-of-pumpkins-with-candy-apples-&-homemade-applecider-for-sale pumpkin patch! I also love carving out my own pumpkin. I may not be the best at it, but I love doing it. Last year, I finally cooked my own pumpkins seeds with garlic & butter BUT this year I am going to try & do something a little bit more fun & daring! These pictures that I pinned from pinterest are so pretty, I wish I could be as decorative. Like look at the Louis pumpkin & even the black pumpkin, which is my favorite!!! Maybe this year I will be more daring with designing my own pumpkin too :] Along with pumpkins come pumpkin pie & pumpkin muffins {so yummo}. & if you didn't know yesterday was Happy Pumpkin Spice Latte Day at Starbucks, did you get your fix? Cause I did & sure was tasty! :] Anywho, I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far! Love you all. xoxo.

P.S. still some more spots left for the October blog/button swap -- go here for info & email me pretties! :]

guest post. // miss hollie

i am pretty sure i was up ALL night last night studying & am living on five-hour energy drinks + coffee by the pound, so that means i have ZERO amount of energy ATM. BUT i am still super excited to introduce miss. hollie to all my fabulous little sunshines! :] she is one sweet gal & am so excited to have her guest posting for me today. she is actually on her way to hawaii this very moment with her boyfrann {so jealous} but you can still take a peek at her fabulous blog, where she writes alittle about everything from fashion tips, beauty expertise, a little decorating & basically as she puts it "anything to do with style, wine, craft, & beer"                -- enjoy!!! xoxo.
Hi guys! I'm Hollie and I have a little lifestyle blog you can visit here! A friend of Ashlyn's is a friend of mine so come say hi :) I 'm really excited that Ashlyn has asked me to guest post for her while she's taking her exams. But I was beginning to worry as I was having a hard time finding some inspiration on what my post would be about. I came up with a few things, but decided none of them were good enough for a guest post. At a loss for a few days, I finally started to think about what reminded me of Ashlyn and what I could relate to. As I thought about my writers block and her exams, I came up with it!

Everyone with a goal (and especially those studying for an exam) needs one of these....
It's that little push when you can't memorize terms anymore. It's that push when you can't strap down and do what needs to be done. It's that little reminder when you're about to turn your back on your goals. When you have writers block, when you're down on yourself, when you're just not feeling up to facing the world is when you need your TRUE self the most. Find that note (well, okay...board) you wrote to yourself and find that motivation you need to move forward.
What you'll need:
Colored Paper
A big posterboard
Or a pin board with pins
Glue or Tape

Cut out anything that reminds you of your goal or anything that you love and inspires you. By putting together a collage of what you want you'll never lose sight of what you're working for! I insist that you hang it up over your desk or somewhere that you'll see it when you need it most. You can even frame it if you want a more put together look in your room.
Hope you all are inspired in whatever you're working towards!
Thanks for having me guest post, Ashlyn!
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