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DRESS c/o SugarLips  |  SHOES / Steve Madden, similar  |  CLUTCH c/o HoBo  |  NECKLACE / Vintage  |  RING / BCBGeneration  |  BRACELETS / Banana Republic + Lia Sophia

photos by the lovely Rosa

seriously i do wash my clothes + iron them.
this will be addressed shortly. i promise. ha

Finding the perfect dress to galavant through the city on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon can kinda be a challenge! This dress & I had a love hate relationship on Saturday. & let me tell you why: 1) the colors  & layers of the dress had me from the very first moment I locked eyes on it 2) the dress made me feel pretty the minute I put it on & I did not feel like I was over dressed for a simple Saturday afternoon brunching + shopping with Rosa but dun dun dun ..... 3) I am not sure the dress was EVER wrinkle free & sitting on a metro for 40 minutes didn't help the situation one bit. Before I ever left to catch the metro I steamed the dress & the minute I put it on, out popped a wrinkle + another + another. NOT STOP WRINKLES. bad!!! haha But besides that I am in love with the entire SugarLips website & the fact that the they always offer freeshipping + returns is a huge plus, I mean who likes paying for shipping or having to reach a certain price point for it to be free? THIS girl def. does not! ha

WEEKLY UPDATE/GOALS: So this week if flying by & I am absolutely LOVEing my new rotation. I couldn't be more blessed with where I am placed for the next four weeks. This month I have decided to set some serious goals for myself, not just with my rotation, but with my body, blogging, designing & my walk with the Lord. I feel like the last few months I have been slacking in so many areas & not using my full ability to be the best I can be. Last Friday I took my Emergency Medicine rotation & even though I thought that I studied enough I obviously didn't & did not get the 80 that we are required to get. Therefore I have to re-mediate, which means I have to do a homework assignment which is due in two weeks. I was VERY distraught on Friday -- I was an absolute wreck. I am not even sure I know how N put up with me that night. God Bless is Soul! haha Anywho, I just feel like setting goals for myself will help me stay more focused & help me strive for things I know that I am capable of doing. This next month is going to be a busy one but I am sure I can do it! So keep me in your thoughts!

Have a lovely Wednesday beauties!


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dress [H&M]  |  cardigan [express, old [similar]]  |  tote [jcrew]  |  shoes [jessica bennett}  | sunnies  [firmoo] |  necklace [loft]  |  rings [snob swap]  |  watch  [MK]  |  armcandy [giantLION] [annieCreamCheese, wishbone + friendship]  [chloe vs. tank] |  Nails  [instant hot]   |  Lips [lancome lipstick + NARS, turkish delight]  |  iphone case [jcrew]

I hope all you lovies have a wonderful 4th of July! I am officially on break until Sunday & it feels so good! Last night I went to dinner with my little brother & we got to catch up on life. & then I went home, showered, & vegged in my bed watching SATC waiting for my better half to get here. It was probably one of the best feelings not having anything to worry about.

UPDATE: Nick & I decided to spend 4th of July with my family & I couldn't be more excited! Since the weather is kinda up in the air in DC, we thought it would be nice to spend the day at the beach here in Norfolk if the weather holds up & head to my parents house for some good ol' family time. We decided that next year in the new house we will have a 4th of July bash on the Terrace :] 

p.s. i cant wait to go & buy myself some sparklers. woot woot! ha :]

p.p.s. i wanted to give a birthday shout out to the lovely Alissa, hope you have a wonderful birthday baby cakes! enjoy it! i owe you a drink ;]

oh & i am obsessed with this picture! how glamorous!
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cardigan [loft] |  top [express]  |  skirt [

J. Crew

]  |  Clutch [c/o 

HOBO: Deanna

]  |  shoes [Banana Republic]  |  watch [


]  |  armcandy [express, lia sophia, vintage]  |  lipstick [

REVLON Balm Stain


So who is


 you say? Well that is my pretty new

HOBO Clutch

that I am madly in love with! It is the perfect shade of brown & its cute little pouch that fits my cell phone perfectly makes it my new best friend. Now my other new best friend is my new skirt from J. Crew & the best part is that I got it for $30! WOOT WOOT. I am so proud of myself. I have been stalking this pretty little gem online for weeks & the other day when I went to the store to return something I saw it & all its glory sitting on the rack. & well that was all it took. & now I wish I could wear it every day :]

This week has been going by as slow as a snail. In my mind I think it is Friday. Really it is


Wednesday? Please pinch me so I can come back to reality! I am craving for Friday to be here so that I can have a relaxing weekend, with a little bit of studying mixed in. & then I will be one step closer to having 5 days off starting next Tuesday evening!

Awkward moment

: Yesterday morning my patient told me that he had fisher in his bed & that they were taking over the ship. He also said that he was hunting for squid when we asked him where he was.

Lets just say he wasn't even CLOSE to the right answer.

& then in the evening when I went by to see him again & I asked how he was doing he said that a rubber ducky told him that the room was bugged.

Again, not real.

I tried with all of my might not to laugh, it was hard. SO hard. Luckily, he was delirious & smiles are irrelevant to him. So yesterday, that was the highlight of my day!

how are yalls weeks going?


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