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When I got my Nordstrom style magazine in the mail the other day it did not help that the e n t i r e magazine was full of color, including all of these color-charged moccasins! I don't know about you but I am already getting in the mood to add bright colors to my wardrobe again. Now don't get me wrong, I am not wishing winter away just yet because I am still loving my chunky sweaters, leggings + wool scarves but for some reason I am oohing + aaaahing over color. I am always looking for comfortable flats to wear to work & lately I am getting tired of the same ol' black & brown ones, so why not add some pops of color to those dull work outfits? Am I right? 

Are you loving these bright colored flats ... even during these last few winter months?

i like being a girl.

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Don't you just {love} how pretty these pictures are?!
I am constantly swooning over them because of their beauty.
The color reminds me of a big girl princess -- it is a feminine color but not super girly.

Blush is a beautiful light pink that can be added to just about anything to give it a little feminism. I love the elegance of these photos & how pretty they all come together. I wish I could decorate a whole room -- or even just a closet would make me happy! Until then I will continue to dream about all the photos I see :]

Happy Wednesday Lovelies.
xoxo ashlyn

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Last night I was craving sherbet, so guess what I did? I went out & bought some. & that my friends is how I got my color inspiration.  It is kinda strange where I get my inspirations from, but ever since I started blogging I think in terms of "these colors. perfect color palette for a blog post" or "i am totally going to take pictures of this & blog about it" or "love those images *light bulb*." Kinda freaks me out sometimes, & then other times I think I am pretty cool for even being able to think like that. && Yes I think I am cool! ;] I catch myself constantly thinking in blog terms. I don't usually voice my crazy-blog-thinking-ideas but I do have them ALL the time! ha :] Am I crazy or do you have crazy-blog-thinking-ideas ALL the time? 

OK! back to color inspiration -- what is not to love about these colors? They are perfect sherbert colors {duh}, perfect wedding colors, perfect spring colors, perfect for a bedroom, a kitchen, or a bathroom. These colors inspire & they def make me want spring to hurry its bootay up & get here.

that is all. enjoy your tuesday. 

p.s. i am stoked about getting my hair did. still indecisive about what color to get, but you will see pics!

p.p.s. so if you haven't noticed already I recently lost all of my GFC followers on March 1st :/ very sad sad day! but If you would like to continue to get updates on my blog please re-add me on GFC :] Also, you can now get my posts emailed to you! YAY! love you all.