Banana Cinnamon Muffins

Breakfast is by far one of my favorite meals of the day (when I eat it that is). I always seem to be running out the door + never have anything healthy to grab. A few weeks back N + I spent a good 3 hours at Costco & we got everything from food to zip lock backs to a vacuum cleaner. It was a pretty serious Costco run! During this 3 hour endeavour, I managed to find the perfect bananas that came in a ginormous pack of a billion, thinking that I would eat one every day + I would be healthy. #fail. See I am super duper picky about my bananas -- they can't have ANY freckles or else they go in the trash. Well these bananas freckled pretty darn quick, so my mom gave me this bright idea (since I am new to cooking + all) to make something with them! So here we have it, banana cinnamon muffins, they tasted pretty amazing (& looked pretty too!). I doubled the batch + made 24 muffins, since we had a billion bananas that went bad! Well, below is the recipe + you can download it via Google Docs. If you make them, let me know how they turn out! xo

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rambles that eventually turned into a post about food & who doesn't {love} food.

Currently, which is at 10pm at night, I am procrastinating, yet again -- it will never change. I am truly a pro at it. I have accomplished ALOT in the past few hours -- 1. I am already packed for my nice little break from school, which is VERY rare for me, especially since I loathe packing with-a-passion. Even though I am sure that I have packed my entire wardrobe because I am an indecisive person & I really hate planning out outfits. 2. I have pinned bajillion things on pinterest. 3. I watched every movie on Lifetime Movie Network since 3pm. 4. Zero studying, which is probably not the best idea -- but I am honestly so over school already that I checked out weeks ago. ha 5. Had an hour long phone convo with my twin Stesha  {actually the best part of my night. we decided that we were meant to be bffs} 6. Writing my post for tomorrow, which is what you are reading today :] -- I am brain fried so that is probably why I am rambling a little too much, I apologize in advance. ha -- But this rambling has helped me come up with my post! YAY - go me!


One thing that I am looking forward to over break is to cook. yes COOK. So unlike me, truly. I burn water like a word class champ. I am not even sure how you burn water but I manage to do so, probably because of my two-year-old-attention-span. butterfly! -- WHERE? ha. Oh & rice -- uh that could be the absolute death of me. Now don't get the wrong idea -- I can cook, but it is the simple things that make me fail miserably. So on my list of things to do over my break is to cook-- so that is what I am going to do. 

-- So grab a glass of wine, or if you are reading this before noon maybe grab some orange juice ;] while I share some of the recipes that I want to tackle during my holiday break!




that's all folks. 
do any of you have suggests for some good recipes I should add to my list?! 
-- really I  want to cook up a storm over break! :]