Yes I just hash-tagged on my blog, no judging now!

SIDE NOTE: Yesterday I was suppose to have a half day at work, which meant you get off 1/2 the day early right? Well apparently a half day is 4:30 PM in the evening instead of 5:30. It has been a long week. VENTING COMPLETE.

Back to target, because that is what is most important. Last night after a bff date with this girl here I stopped off at Tarjay for a quick errand, ah righhhht. & I am sure many of you are aware that Target trips are not just an in-&-out ordeal, atleast not for me. I always tend to find something that I want but don't need & it ends up coming home with me. Last night I spotted the new Vikki flat & well that was that. I ended up walking out with not one BUT two pairs of gorgeous + comfortable $20 flats -- the nude + leopard! The studs on the back of the flat are the perfect amount of detail that adds a little bit of pizzazz to the shoe. 

What do you think about Vikki?



+ PANTS [target]  |  + PURSE [MK, TJ. Maxx find]  |  + SHOES [aldo]

+ SUNNIES [raybans]  |  + CHAMBRAY SHIRT [forever 21]  |  + TOP [target]  |  + BRACELETS [j.crew + c/o ILY COUTURE]  |  

+ SCARF [j.crew, old]  |  + WATCH [MK, similar + similar]  |  + NECKLACE [forever 21]  |  + EARRINGS [forever 21]

Happy Friday sweet thangs! It has been a super long week for me & for some reason I just can't seem to catch up on my sleep. Not sure if it is the long hours at my new rotation, this crazy inconsistent weather, or maybe I am just weird! jk. don't answer that! Whatever the reason may be I am drained & I hope to be able to catch up on some of my beauty rest this weekend.

Anywho, I am happy to share a new outfit post with you all, it has been wayyyy too long my sweet friends! This past Monday I had a surprise day off & my good friend Lydia texted me to see if she could practice taking some photos to help build her portfolio. & of course I said yes! le duh. oh & I warned her that I was a hot mess, cause literally that was the truth -- I don't even think I washed my hair that morning because I was running late for a meeting. oops! But after making a pit stop with my mom at Target, Lydia + I headed over to the Nolan Trail, & spent the early evening taking some photos. I had so much fun catching up on life & being able to be myself while she did her photog thing! 

Lately, I have been mixing + matching my animal prints. I use to think it was weird, but now I don't even think twice about having a cheetah scarf paired with zebra print heels, hence the photos! Are you a fan of mixing + matching animal prints?


TOP [banana republic]  |  CORDS [gap, thrifted]  |  SHOES [steve madden]  |  CLUTCH [c/o Angela & Roi]  |  JEWELRY [vintage, mom, leather wraps c/o leather wraps]

OH yeah, its friday! Aren't you excited? I feel like this week has been the slowest week ever, never really a fan of that. But maybe it is because I have started a new trend with my study habits -- go to work, get off work, study for 7 hours (pending), & blog when I can. ha It has been really hard not to spend the time I use to blogging + reading comments + tweeting, but my schooling is a huge priority atm. I have been majorly slacking on responding to emails & getting things done & I just want to send out a HUGE apology for that. It is not intentional, just needed to make some changes in my life so that I can be as stress free as possible & emails are kinda building up..eek!! :]

Today after work I am jumping in the car + heading up to DC to see N. He was to suppose to come here this week, but he had some work stuff come up. I am super excited to see him this weekend, it couldn't come at a better time. Also, Sunday I will be spending the morning-early afternoon brunching with some fabulous ladies! CAN. NOT. WAIT! Miss them major! & the rest of the afternoon will be spent studying (pray that my will power will kick in to not over-indulge in bottomless mimosas. ha) Later that evening, some of our soon-to-be-in-january-new-neighbors invited us over for dinner, so that should be exciting -- really looking forward to it! & welp, Sunday-no-funday for me -- I will be jumping back in the car early to get back to study some more (really, i am taking names .. i mean making changes to my study habits!)

Anywho, thanks again for all of your support! I love you all & am so blessed to have you in my life. Your comments, emails, texts, & tweets all make me smile! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend :] What are you all getting yourselves in too?