one of my favorites things to do is browse the internet. i find joy in being able to find unique blogs, websites, clothes, pictures, etc. sometimes it can even be overwhelming at times, because i just jump from one page to another in excitement & don't really appreciate what i have found. so recently i have started bookmarking what i find, so that if i don't have time to look at it i can always come back later {still a work in progess. hehe} but here are some websites & a DIY that i have found, along with a new outfit that i just bought that i can't wait to wear {again}, one of my current favorite artists, & some wants that i have :] enjoy.


i am currently have an {addiction} with this website called Our Best Bites. it is put together by two friends, that well love to cook. it is filled with recipes, crafts for the family, & tutorials. i have been booking marking some of my favorite recipes that i hope to be able to try in the future. check it out & let me know what your favorite recipes are! :]

this is an awesome site that immediately fell in {love} with. the topics range from ALL-OVER, but my favorites are the DIY projects. they are so fun :] i can't wait to try some of them. so head over to strawberry-chic & check it out!

AHHHH. {yeah that's me excited} why you ask? because this blog is auuuhhmazing. so classy,chic,&super stylish. she finds some of the coolest stuff online & posts about them! you really just have to check it out for yourself & let me know what you think. DUH!! 


i am not even 100% sure how to describe this music, except for different. either you'll like it or you won't. but she is pretty hott. yeah hott. & im ok that i said that. lol. check her out :]


when i saw this i got really really excited. this tutorial teaches you how to wrap your gifts with fabric {i found this on strawberry-chic website, but wanted it to stand out} -- fabric gift wrap DIY

my yellow sandbox has totally blown me away with her 25-30 hair-styling tutorials {probably this coolest things} -- she includes actual videos that you can watch, where she takes you step by step. & she is even in the process of producing her own e-book that she will be selling for $4.99. -- so this DIY is def. something you want to check out, especially if you are hair-styling impaired like me :]

Aldo has some of the coolest jewelry & one of my favorites things to do when i am in the mall is stop inside aldo just to check it out! i really can't wear their shoes because they are too narrow for my feet, so shoes there aren't an option -- but jewelry it :]  but i really like these earrings, so simple -- but just enough bling! {i bought the matching necklace yesterday -- but no earrings in stock}

no judging now. ha but i went on my first golfing range adventure this past weekend {post to come}, but it's not like i am a pro or anything, but i saw this golf bag online & OH ME GOODNESS. iwant. but can't afford. EVER. so i will continue to dream. louis vuitton love

current fav. outfit

well, the color doesn't match 100% -- but i couldn't find it online because it is sold out. but i bought this dress {in blue} at Nordstrom during their HUGE sale & i wore it this weekend to dinner with Nick with these {lovely} shoes.

the shoes speak for themselves. love the natural color. goes with EVERYTHING :] 
you can find them HERE!!!

hope you enjoyed my current {loves} -- what are you loving right now?

{be lovely}. ashlyn.