leaving the darkside. + an announcement

love my blog title!? -- yeah I am corny, but I'm ok with that :]

So I am sure that after seeing pictures of these gorgeous blondes you might suspect that I am in need of some assistance. Welp, you are right! I have been patiently waiting the day that I would spot a glorious Groupon online so that I could afford to get my hair done. & Well the day has arrived & after waiting a long two weeks for my appointment date the time is here -- TOMORROW I will be relaxing in a seat getting pampered & I am beyond stoked about it! I am trying to decided on the perfect color blonde. I really want my hair color to pop & I don't really want alot of low-lights at all. So even though my hair is dark at the moment, actually my natural color. I am going to try to get rid of most of it. 

So tell me: which one is your favorite?!

&&&&the announcement.

p.s. so if you haven't noticed already I recently lost all of my GFC followers on March 1st :/ very sad sad day! but If you would like to continue to get updates on my blog please re-add me on GFC :] Also, you can now get my posts emailed to you! YAY! love you all. 

drum roll please...

....i am pleased to show everyone my new look! :] I decided to go with #3 from my {i am going back to the darkside} post! I was really only going to be getting my hair colored but then I decided to be {brave} & cut it short & get bangs! I love my new look so far hence the so far! usually a week or two or in I end up finding something wrong with my new haircut/hair color, but let's hope that isn't the case this time! ha -- as for the color -- i love the natural & goes well with my skin tones. I was a little nervous about getting bangs because I haven't had them since I was younger, but to my surprise they are fun & different. I am glad that I made my decision -- with the help from all my amazing bloggy friends help, ya'll are wonderful! I was going to post this Monday along with pictures from my weekend, since Nick & I went to the 'So You Think You Can Dance' concert BUT hopefully I will be able to post them tomorrow or thursday! Happy Tuesday! xxoo.