join the bandwagon, everyone is doing it.

so if you have an iphone {or a droid, i am not 100% sure if it has it on there or not} you should download the PATH app & come search for me {ashlyn williams}. i just downloaded it last night & it is already super addicting. it is kinda like twitter/instagram/facebook intertwined into one. it lets you document your day with ONLY your closest friends {up to 150} by taking pics, letting others know what music you are listening too, leaving a moment {kinda like a status}, telling others where you are! :] you should def give it a shot!

oh & p.s. sorry i have been kinda MIA on posts -- reading & commenting // & replying to emails -- i  have really just been trying to enjoy my time & not get overwhelmed with this whole blogging thing. i really do love it & everyone that i have met but sometimes i just have nothing to give. but thank you for sticking with me & coming back! love you all. xoxo.