let me catch you up just weeee bit.

So I am sure that many of you are wondering what I have been up to for the past few weeks since I have failed to keep you all in informed, sorry friends. This is due to my love for being lazy & for really just not wanting to think at ALL. I tried to enjoy my time away from school as much as possible -- so blogging was included in that break. I really wanted to have a fresh new outlook coming into the New Year with my life in general :]

My break from school was very eventful -- I spent alot of time getting my Christmas shopping done & spending time with friends. Nights were filled with movies, dinner & drinks with friends, & top golf {which is a really cool driving range where the golf balls have chips in them.} I spent the Christmas Holiday between mine & Nick's parents house -- it was def alot of hustle between the two, but it was great to be able to spend it with family & eat lots of home made food :] Nick & I also celebrated our two year anniversary the day after Christmas -- which was absolutely the greatest feeling. 

I was def. spoiled this Christmas {&anniversary} but my favorite two gifts were my new black hunter boots from my parents & my iPad 2 from Nicholas. I was extremely shocked when I opened the iPad -- I pretty much bawled my eyes out. He is just sooo good to me. 

For Christmas & Anniversary I got Nick a David Yurman bracelet. It was nice to be able to get him something nice & that he can wear everyday.
The Wednesday before New Years Nick & I went to our favorite restaurant in DC - Piccolo followed by the CAPS game! Then we jumped in the car & headed to Nashville TN for a few days. The car ride was 10 hours -- hence the red bull, gummies, & my iPad to keep me sane! ha Nick was pretty annoyed haha.

Let me start of by saying that I LOVEEEEE NASHVILLE! 

1) because they have the b e s t food EVERRRR -- perogies & grilled cheeses! yum!
2) they have amazing Mexican food -- that Margarita & salsa = AMAZEBALLS!
3) their fried pickles & black bean burgers were to die for + not to mention the little organic popsicle shop next store :]
4) & they had the most adorable coffee shops!
5) well it is just an amazing place other than the food. haha
This coffee was AMAZE-ingness. No joke. The guy did the tops of the coffees by hand -- I pretty much stood there and watched in high hopes of learning this wonderful technique!
Bike rides were pretty much an every day thing. We bought a bike from Goodwill for $15 -- Canaan got some new tubing & we were off on our daily bike rides. One day we biked all morning-- from breakfast & then around the town & then we biked to lunch! Nick had a little trouble sitting on his seat the second day. Hence, you should probably start going to the gym! ha I kid. But it was nice to be able to relax & enjoy the beautiful weather!

This is Nick & I our first night in Nashville. We were at a local bar called Melrose where we played basketball & shot hoops over & over again. I pretty much learned that I suck. major. ha

ghtzThis is us at Whiskey Kitchen one night. Canaan Smith is on the right.
New Years rolled around & welp I don't remember much except drinking Champagne & dancing ALOT to boy bands songs. oh & ruining my favorite heels & hurting the bottoms of my feet. oh & waking up in the morning with bruises. ha But besides that NOTHING except what was in pictures.

this is before we ever left for downtown Nashville

not sure what you call these moves babe? ha

not the best picture & i don't exactly remember taking OR watching the fireworks :/

let's break up. seriously.

ha, I had you fooled for a second didn't I? -- sorry if I made you gasp. But I am honestly very stressed with 2012 ALREADY! ahhhhhh. How can that be? Well let me start off by saying that I started my week off by driving back from Nashville TN to DC on Monday, which was a short 10 hours, ha. yeahhhh  rightttt. short my bootayyy. & then I took a little nap with my man & jumped in the car to drive another 3 hours back to Norfolk for me to start a new semester filled with a day of classes! I am a little overwhelmed witth everything that I have to do with school already & just getting settled back in to a normal routine. I am really trying my best to actually do the things I say I am going to do -- like workout, clean my room, make dinner, oh & go to bed at a decent time {which is not 2am. ha}. & well, because of that blogging is not as a priority as it was. I want to be less stressed during school & sometimes blogging can stress me out & it really isn't healthy at all. Taking a break from blogging while I was on break was not planned at all -- it just kinda happened that way & to be honest it was SOOOO unbelievably refreshing & helped me realize what I want my priorities to be. Once I get back into a normal routine I will start blogging more regularly -- which could be tomorrow! :] But I love you all & I hope each & everyone of you had a wonderful Christmas & New Year!

xoxo. ashlyn

p.s. When I was in Nashville I got the chance to meet my boyfriend's childhood best friend Canaan Smith! I had such a great time in Nashville visiting & ringing in the New Year with everyone! BUT -- Canaan is a new up & coming Country Artist whose single is currently on itunes called We Got Us -- & next week on January 9th it will be on the radio for the firs time! You should def check him out & tell me what ya think! :]

unexpected beauty + some smiles.

So many of you know that a few weeks ago Nick's grandfather passed away. It was very special moment in Nick & I's relationship because it allowed us to bond like we had never bonded before. Sometimes  it is really hard to let the person to you love see you vulnerable & weak -- & I am so unbelieveably thankful that Nick wanted me to be by his side during this tough time. I was the disignated photographer during the funeral & I must say it was absolutely beautiful fall day! I only included some of the pictures that I took at the services -- but I wanted to include some of the family photos that were taken! There were smiles on everyone's faces even though it was sad time for for us all! Nick & I even got to act goofy :] -- God really does Bless you when you least expect it.

my handsome boyfriend :]

Nicholas & His brother & I.

i truly love him with all of me :]