let me catch you up just weeee bit.

So I am sure that many of you are wondering what I have been up to for the past few weeks since I have failed to keep you all in informed, sorry friends. This is due to my love for being lazy & for really just not wanting to think at ALL. I tried to enjoy my time away from school as much as possible -- so blogging was included in that break. I really wanted to have a fresh new outlook coming into the New Year with my life in general :]

My break from school was very eventful -- I spent alot of time getting my Christmas shopping done & spending time with friends. Nights were filled with movies, dinner & drinks with friends, & top golf {which is a really cool driving range where the golf balls have chips in them.} I spent the Christmas Holiday between mine & Nick's parents house -- it was def alot of hustle between the two, but it was great to be able to spend it with family & eat lots of home made food :] Nick & I also celebrated our two year anniversary the day after Christmas -- which was absolutely the greatest feeling. 

I was def. spoiled this Christmas {&anniversary} but my favorite two gifts were my new black hunter boots from my parents & my iPad 2 from Nicholas. I was extremely shocked when I opened the iPad -- I pretty much bawled my eyes out. He is just sooo good to me. 

For Christmas & Anniversary I got Nick a David Yurman bracelet. It was nice to be able to get him something nice & that he can wear everyday.
The Wednesday before New Years Nick & I went to our favorite restaurant in DC - Piccolo followed by the CAPS game! Then we jumped in the car & headed to Nashville TN for a few days. The car ride was 10 hours -- hence the red bull, gummies, & my iPad to keep me sane! ha Nick was pretty annoyed haha.

Let me start of by saying that I LOVEEEEE NASHVILLE! 

1) because they have the b e s t food EVERRRR -- perogies & grilled cheeses! yum!
2) they have amazing Mexican food -- that Margarita & salsa = AMAZEBALLS!
3) their fried pickles & black bean burgers were to die for + not to mention the little organic popsicle shop next store :]
4) & they had the most adorable coffee shops!
5) well it is just an amazing place other than the food. haha
This coffee was AMAZE-ingness. No joke. The guy did the tops of the coffees by hand -- I pretty much stood there and watched in high hopes of learning this wonderful technique!
Bike rides were pretty much an every day thing. We bought a bike from Goodwill for $15 -- Canaan got some new tubing & we were off on our daily bike rides. One day we biked all morning-- from breakfast & then around the town & then we biked to lunch! Nick had a little trouble sitting on his seat the second day. Hence, you should probably start going to the gym! ha I kid. But it was nice to be able to relax & enjoy the beautiful weather!

This is Nick & I our first night in Nashville. We were at a local bar called Melrose where we played basketball & shot hoops over & over again. I pretty much learned that I suck. major. ha

ghtzThis is us at Whiskey Kitchen one night. Canaan Smith is on the right.
New Years rolled around & welp I don't remember much except drinking Champagne & dancing ALOT to boy bands songs. oh & ruining my favorite heels & hurting the bottoms of my feet. oh & waking up in the morning with bruises. ha But besides that NOTHING except what was in pictures.

this is before we ever left for downtown Nashville

not sure what you call these moves babe? ha

not the best picture & i don't exactly remember taking OR watching the fireworks :/

Christmas lights.

Christmas lights make my heart smile -- they always have! Ever since I was a little girl I would always burst with excitement when my parents said that we were going to go look at Christmas lights or that it was time to decorate the tree. The beauty behind each decorated yard, tree, or house tells a story. & every year your own Christmas tree tells a story & looks a little different from the last year -- whether it has colored lights instead of white lights or even if you added a few new Christmas ornaments to the bunch.

Nick & I finally got around to decorating our Christmas tree this past Monday night! I mean I have been wanting to do it for weeks now, ever since we got our Christmas tree during that first week in December  -- but to a man sometimes decorating a Christmas tree is not as important. ha I remember our Christmas together Nick wanted to put the lights on the tree & well I kinda gave him one chance & he blew it. He wanted to just place the Christmas lights on the tree & in my book that don't fly one bit -- because putting lights on a tree is an art form & well not everyone masters that artform such as my Nicholas. So this year it was this little lady who did all the light placing & we decorated the tree with red, green, and silver balls + a few ornaments from last year. & I surprised him with a new Hallmark ornament like I did last year :]

Also -- I love all those pretty picture that you see on Pinterest where people wrap themselves in lights. ha Well I attempted that while I was bored at home waiting for Nick to get home to decorate. No judging now!!!

I also attempted to create my own Bokeh -- I think I finally got hang of it!

-- this is what the floor looked like when Nick got home. he probably thought I was a crazy person. haha

-- the masterpiece :] how B-E-A-UTIFUL!

-- i took a picture & not sure why this happened but i thought it was cool looking!

-- the ornaments.

-- & the new addition Alex Ovechin Hallmark Ornament that I surprised Nick with this year ;]

do you love decorating your tree each year? what color lights do you use? any special ornaments you use?

that little thing called, nature.

Nature can take my breathe away. Sometimes when I see something so beautiful I don't even know what to think or feel -- & that happened to me yesterday when I went to River Bend Park in Great Falls Virginia with my girlfriend Aleksandra & my puppy Rufus. We hiked through the park up & down rocks & over puddles of water. The beauty that I saw & heard first hand could not be 100% captured on my camera -- it is a had-to-be-there-kind-of-moment. These pictures are only a glimpse of how gorgeous this place truly was -- & spending the morning there truly helped me cherish these little moments that I so often take for granted. 

-- from the gorgeous water with the sun glistening down.

-- & the Ruf monster playing in the leaves.

-- the gorgeous man-made waterfalls.

-- the natural waterfalls & the rushing of the water.

-- Rufus was kinda not in a good mood because he got in trouble for not listening & running off, hence the eyes looking in the opposite direction of the camera.

hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!