as life speeds by.

i have been sitting here look at my computer for some time now & i keep wondering to myself. 

why haven't you been writing meaningful posts on your blog? 
i mean that was the whole point of this blog originally.

i think sometimes we get wrapped up in life. it moves so fast. & we just can't keep up. 
atleast i know i have trouble keeping up

i have had so much on my mind lately but i don't even know where to start or how to start for that matter.
i can't seem to put my thoughts into words & my words into a post. 
i have tons & tons of drafts in my blogger yet none of them have been posted. 
either i just don't think the post is saying what exactly i want it to say, it's not perfect enough for me to post because i don't think people will enjoy reading it, or it just isn't the right time. & then what happens is i go on & post something that hides what is truly going on in my life; such as a fashion post or a link-up.

this is not who i am.
& i am going to start writing my thoughts even if they aren't what people want to hear all the time. 

truth: one of the most exciting things that makes me smile huge during the day is getting a touching comment. i love when people read my blog & it touches them. 

so i am going to go back there.
i can't promise that i will post everyday.
or promise that i will touch/speak to you daily.
or even promise that i will respond to all your comments.
that i read them ALL & truly cherish each & everyone of them.

& sometimes like i said // life gets ahead of you, much quicker then you can keep up, & you just have to learn to run faster without tripping. & if you do stumble remember, your scrapes will heal, for they are just tiny bumps in your life. 

my unrehearsed life