pretty little things i love / vol 3.


Happy Wednesday to all! Hope your week is flying by. Mine is kinda dragging but moving faster then I would like, is that weird? I feel like I never have enough time in the day to get everything done that I want to get done. Monday night I fell asleep while studying at 7:30 pm, N even called me at 9:30 pm wanting to know if I died! ha No honey I didn't die, just extremely tired! I had to be at work at 5am yesterday, so going to bed early didn't hurt me & I actually felt super refreshed when I woke up! that was a first since I am the worlds biggest night owl, GO ME! oh & to my surprise yesterday was a short day -- I was done at 11 & was able to have lunch with my daddy + catch up on life. The rest of the day consisted of: power napping, studying at the coffee shop until I had to go to volunteer training, driving home in a monsoon that consisted of purple lightning + driving through 2 feet of water, scarrrry. & making it home in time to TRY & get work done but instead I attempted to paint my nails with my roomie + failed miserably because of my impatient mentality which resulted in me taking it off. FAIL. I will try it again today! :] & well for the rest of the week I will be attempting to cram my bootay off for my exam friday + then it is off to DC to see my N & spending a weekend relaxing & not thinking about Family Medicine for as long as I can!

how is your week treating you?

prettty little things i love :: vol 1.

So I know that it is {only} February 2nd but I am falling in L.O.V.E. with everything spring related. I just can't get enough of all the pastel colors -- I want to buy everything I see which isn't exactly good for budget atm! The scarf + the belt are both in the new J. Crew mag which I just got in the mail yesterday & I am already swooning over it all! && The new Essie colors hit the store not too long ago & I need them. seriously -- I NEED THEM! ;] Their the perfect little addition to any outfit & what girl doesn't need more nail polish right? ha :] The sweet nothing stickies are the cutest little things && I actually picked some up at J. Crew during Christmas time. They are perfect for leaving a little surprise note for Nick every so often! 

what are you loving lately?

xx. ashlyn