hey you. yeah you!

image via pinterest & edited by me
& I mean anything AMAZING! Something that is amazing to you may not be amazing to somebody else & that is the beauty of life. Take this simple image with words & interpret it. 

what does this mean to you? i wanna know!

have a blessed Monday sunshines.
xoxo. ashlyn

as life speeds by.

i have been sitting here look at my computer for some time now & i keep wondering to myself. 

why haven't you been writing meaningful posts on your blog? 
i mean that was the whole point of this blog originally.

i think sometimes we get wrapped up in life. it moves so fast. & we just can't keep up. 
atleast i know i have trouble keeping up

i have had so much on my mind lately but i don't even know where to start or how to start for that matter.
i can't seem to put my thoughts into words & my words into a post. 
i have tons & tons of drafts in my blogger yet none of them have been posted. 
either i just don't think the post is saying what exactly i want it to say, it's not perfect enough for me to post because i don't think people will enjoy reading it, or it just isn't the right time. & then what happens is i go on & post something that hides what is truly going on in my life; such as a fashion post or a link-up.

this is not who i am.
& i am going to start writing my thoughts even if they aren't what people want to hear all the time. 

truth: one of the most exciting things that makes me smile huge during the day is getting a touching comment. i love when people read my blog & it touches them. 

so i am going to go back there.
i can't promise that i will post everyday.
or promise that i will touch/speak to you daily.
or even promise that i will respond to all your comments.
that i read them ALL & truly cherish each & everyone of them.

& sometimes like i said // life gets ahead of you, much quicker then you can keep up, & you just have to learn to run faster without tripping. & if you do stumble remember, your scrapes will heal, for they are just tiny bumps in your life. 

my unrehearsed life

were going to vegas baby. say again?

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yeah. i was a little shocked too! ha but man i am i {super} excited. i have never been to las vegas, let alone the west coast.

eeeekkkk. so the low down  
so the past couple weeks nick as been talking about going somewhere but never dropped any hints. until the last couple days the question got a little bit more specific; like when do i start school again & if i could afford to come back late on the sunday before classes started, if i would want a trip for my birthday, yada yada. well i didn't think he was going to tell me where we were going. but last night we were skyping & he was said, "do you wanna know where we are going on vacation." & i was like, "sure!" {with a big grin of course} -- he waas like, "well i emailed it to you, so go open it up." & there it was in my gmail account was the link to Vegas :]

so like the girl i am  --
 i am already thinking about what to wear // what shoes to bring // clothes to buy.
i mean i {love} shopping but i have zero going out shirts. ZERO
so i have already started looking. browsing pinterest for ideas. & i even started receiving emails for groupons in las vegas. haha i mean you need to save a little money right?

randomness of what's going on in my brain.
rooftop pools. 
shoes. shoes. & more shoes. 
bloody marys.
happiness. laughter. smiling. sleeping in. 
hanging out with my man.

all picture credit: pinterest

so my random pictures, don't make much sense. their kinda like a stream of my thoughts that are going on in my head, but in pictures instead of words :] ill probably start packing like NOW. haha. yeah, im silly. but i sometimes over think thinks like this, especially cause it is my first time & i want it to be the best. so i start preparing early.

but have any of ya'll been to vegas? do you have any suggestions? what to pack/bring/buy? where to go or things to do when were there?