A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure at getting my hair done at Salon 46, a salon located in Old Town Alexandria. I was a little nervous when I got contacted to be apart of their 1 Year Anniversary Celebration, what will be taking place tonight from 7-9 PM at Salon 46. Previously, I have had terrible experiences getting my hair done by a salon whom I have never been too or one that I was not referred too. I decided to do a little research into the salon - its location, stylists, & their clientele. Much to my surprise, I found nothing but wonder things, so I decided to give it a whirl. 

When I arrived to Salon 46 (a little early), I was greeted by their wonderful receptionist & offered a beverage while I waited for Crystal, my stylist that day. It didn't take long before Crystal introduced herself to me & we were on our way to discussing what changes I wanted to make to my hair. Going into that appointment, I already knew that I was eager to make drastic changes to my hair - meaning I wanted to be just like Julianne Hough (my girl crush!). I showed Crystal some pictures, hair styles & previous hair cuts that I have had in the past & she quickly gave me her kind + helpful opinion on what she felt would be a good hair style for me & honestly, I was right on board. Shortly after, the process began!

An hour or so later, Crystal was done foiling my hair & she had me sit under the heater. She then washed my hair & used a toner to help get the desired color I was wanting (no reds or golden blonde).

Next step, the cut! I was SO unbelievably nervous, but she did nothing but reassure me through the entire process that I was making the right decision. 8 inches later, I had beautiful short blonde hair (eeek!). During the cutting process, she explained what she was doing + why. I learned why stylists dry cut verse wet cut & it is to get a more natural cut, since your hair does change length + texture between the two. 

After that she blow dried + styled my hair. She showed me how to style my hair at home & before each + every product she used, she explained why it was important. Salon 46 exclusively uses Bumble + Bumble products, which I like since you aren't torn between a lot of different shampoos, conditioners & styling products. By the end of the afternoon, I understand what products I wanted to go home with + which ones I could wait to purchase at a different time.

TOP (c/o The Impeccable Pig) | JEANS (Madewell) | SHOES (Guess) | BAG (Philip Lim for Target) | TASSEL NECKLACE (J. Crew) | HANGER NECKLACE (Forever 21)

Overall, I had wonderful experience at Salon 46 & I am so happy that I found a stylist whom I love + would go back to again in the VA/DC area. Tonight Salon 46 is celebrating their One Year Anniversary at their salon in Old Town Alexandria. The evening will be a celebration of beauty and style over delicious drinks and bites & YOU are invited to join, just RSVP to Hope to see you there! xo

Salon 46 ONE Year Anniversary VIP Reception
Thursday, October 10
512 N Henry St. Alexandria, VA 22314
Invite only
RSVP by sending an email to

all photos taken by Let It Be Beautiful

Palmolive Fresh Infusions

Honestly, I despise doing the dishes -- maybe it is because I was the only girl growing up + my mom use to make me do it what felt like allllll the time OR maybe I am just lazy. ha Either way, I don't think I will ever be able to get out of cleaning dishes. EVER, so why not use a great product to make cleaning 110% better right? So, when I received these 3 beautiful bottles in the mail of Palmolive Fresh Infusions dish soap I actually got super excited to go clean my dishes just so I could try these babies out. & let me tell you -- AUHMAZING! The smells are wonderful -- not too strong but fresh (hence, the title of the soap. duh!) Anywho, I immediately had anxiety deciding which bottle to keep for myself + which ones to give away. I am the worst when it comes to making decisions/choices, even with dish soap! ha Well I ended up keep the ginger white tea for myself, gave my mom the lemon thyme (then took it back so that I could take a picture of them. ha) & my girlfriend Taylr lime basil! One of the most important facts about this dish soap is the price, you can't beat < $2.99 + you can find them at your local Target + Walmart! Be sure to get yourself a bottle, or two -- I mean heck, who doesn't love pretty packing, amazing smells + affordable prices!



Isn't it the greatest moto e v e r?! You can read about the story behind this fabulous mantra here.

Now let me introduce you to the Island Company if you haven't heard of them already. This little company started in 2002 when the owner was traveling to the Caribbean with his girlfriend  & they couldn't find a bathing suite suite that either of them liked & that was the start of his little adventure. His company has grown from solely just womens wear to tropical travel attire for both parties. His company is sold all over the world & still continuing to grow. 

When visiting this site it makes me want to travel somewhere tropical & of course put this amazing mantra into action! Their bathing suites are very modest & their looks extremely comfortable for evening on a beach somewhere. Now granted I know it is fall, but this girl would love to travel somewhere tropical STAT. 

They were kind enough to send me my very own tervis mug (that i use daily, no  joke!) & quite your job long sleeve t-shirt. & I love them both! So today you have the chance to WIN your CHOICE of 2 tervis tumblrs OR shirt of your choice! 

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