alittle bit of loveliness

happy hump day lovelies!! the week is almost over & i hope that everyone is having a fabulous week so far :] i am linking up over with {the vintage apple} for oh, how pinteresting wednesday. i havn't linked up in a couple weeks, but have been on a huge pinning spree for sometime now. here are some of my pins from my pinterest boards that i fell in love with! my theme is all things lovely -- so anything & everything that has made me smile. xoxo. ashlyn

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'cause If she wanna rock she rocks

listen. + smile.
everyday this song comes on my Pandora radio station.
& everytime i start bouncing up + down & jamming with the music.
this song makes me smile & i really don't know the words {until i just looked them up}
but it's a bubbly song that always puts a {smile} on my face.
i hope it does the same for you.