vegas in pictures | {part one}

finally, i am getting to write this post. i was going to post it last week, but just didn't have the time to finish it up last monday morning {August 29th}. Nick & i finally made back to DC at 12am a little exhauuusted & worn out, but other then in one piece. as many of you know, the east coast got hit with an earthquake & a hurricane {which we were gone for both}. we were actually in the air when the earthquake hit on tuesday afternoon. we arrived in LA, where we caught our flight to Las Vegas! i had never been to the west coast, so i was full of excitement & couldn't wait to get to our hotel. we stepped outside & hellooooo 110 degree heat. YIKES. ha our original plans were to arrive on tuesday early afternoon & fly back sunday early morning & arrive in DC saturday night. well because of Irene, our flight got canceled so we spent all of friday on the phone with american airlines trying to get our flight changed // 4 hours later after still being on hold we had to catch a cab & ride to the airport to personally change out flight with AA. we got it changed & got to spend another night in Vegas! by sunday morning, i was ready to be home in my own bed! here are some of the hundreds of pictures i took during the trip. i haven't had the time to edit them, so i just picked some of my favorites to share with everyone! hopefully i will be able to get to all the other photos in time & post more of my vegas pictures! enjoy. xoxo. ashlyn

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Instagram Link Party {2}

happy {late} monday night everyone!!! i miss everyone & hope to catch up on all my blog reading soon. life has been super busy, crazy, & fun. now it's back to the grind & time to start off my third semester in school. i am sorry that i am getting this post out so late, but i wanted to chime in on the instagram link party over at a little dash of ash. i spent my last 5 days in Vegas with my honey & it sure was eventful, along with missing the eastern earthquake & hurricane  -- followed by canceled flights & oh so more, which i will be sure to fill everyone in, in the next few days! for now enjoy some of my instagram pics from vegas. xoxo. ashlyn

the strip // night one in vegas

night one in vegas // catching up on our skee ball skills.

1st time at the penny slot machines // bet $3, won $137

Caesar's Palace

the {pinked} out Cosmopolitan Hotel // LOVED it.

the luscious candy apples // i {wanted} them all.

{FF} // viva las vegas

it's friday fancies time & i am linking up with {av} over at long distance loving, per the usual!! :] WOO HOO! i hope everyone has had an enjoyable week. mine has been super relaxing & i am sure very entertaining at this point {since i am writing this post on monday, way before my fun-filled week in vegas begins!}. i am not even sure this weeks fancies theme but i decided to live it up with an outfit that i could wear on my last night in vegas! i had sooo many ideas of what i wanted my outfit to be in vegas, especially on my last night out on the town & it seriously took my forever to decide! but this is what i came up with -- a simple black cocktail dress, with to-die for lace heels {which are wayyy out of my price range}; along with a simple clutch, filled with monayyyy {$$$$} & red-lip stick of course ;). i wish i could be wearing this outfit tonight, but i will enjoy what i have & keep this on my wish-list of future outfits to buy for vegas! :] -- i hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend! i will be starting school again for my 3rd semester on monday {yikes}, but i will be super happy to be able to get back in the groove & start posting more regularly for everyone! -- xoxo. ashlyn

viva las vegas

viva las vegas by loveeashlyn via {polyvore}