unexpected beauty + some smiles.

So many of you know that a few weeks ago Nick's grandfather passed away. It was very special moment in Nick & I's relationship because it allowed us to bond like we had never bonded before. Sometimes  it is really hard to let the person to you love see you vulnerable & weak -- & I am so unbelieveably thankful that Nick wanted me to be by his side during this tough time. I was the disignated photographer during the funeral & I must say it was absolutely beautiful fall day! I only included some of the pictures that I took at the services -- but I wanted to include some of the family photos that were taken! There were smiles on everyone's faces even though it was sad time for for us all! Nick & I even got to act goofy :] -- God really does Bless you when you least expect it.

my handsome boyfriend :]

Nicholas & His brother & I.

i truly love him with all of me :]

foccacia bread + spiced pear martinis + & some popcorn in my purse.

Monday came too soon, yet again! But I sure did have a full-filled weekend with a couple brunches, a blate, a movie, a hockey game, a few yummy drinks {specifically a spiced pear martini, can i say yummmm}, & some snuggling in there. Now it is back to the weekly grind hoping to knock out all the studying I have to do for my test that I have tomorrow morning & hoping to survive the long night that I have ahead of me I am linking up with Ash for the weekly Instagram link-up, which I absolutely LOVE participating in when I can! So here are some of my instagram pictures from the weekend to hopefully fill you in on a little bit of my fun -- Other pictures will come later on in the week!

happy monday sunshines.

Friday 11/11/11 -- was absolutely beautiful. After class I drove up to NOVA  -- we headed to Ozzies for some Italian. & honestly I didn't take pictures of our meals because these are the best part of the night {the Ozzie Rolls & focaccia bread}!!!

I am absolutely in LOVE with these fall colors.

saturday night shenaningans at the hockey game -- started off with a spiced-pear martini & changed to bud light limes which ended up with lots of popcorn being thrown at me {hence the photo} -- & we ended the night at Biergarten with some friends for more drinks & NO real dinner - because all they had to offer were pretzels & bratwurst{not really my thing}. So my dinner that night consisted of popcorn & taco bell on the way home {eek. probably not the best idea.} & then sunday morning I come to discover that I lost my favorite pair of earrings. LOVELY.

how was everyone's weekend?!

little things i cherish.

“Time is a companion who reminds us to cherish every moment because it will never come again .” -- anonymous

When I think November I think Thanksgiving -- family time & a time to give thanks. 
even though I think that you should make known what you are thankful for a year round thing -- not just a November thing.

lately i have been trying to notice more of the small simple things in life. the ones that make you smile just because. the ones that no one else notices but you.
these moments are so simple & i have been trying to capture them in pictures. 

-- home sweet home.

-- my puppies big ol' mickey mouse ears

-- beautiful morning walks with rufster.

-- my big little brother growing up before my eyes.

-- church + brunch + & best friends talks.

-- beauty in nature.

what moments do you cherish & are thankful for?
how do you cherish the small things?