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Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. I sure did :] I got to spend Friday & Saturday at the beach with some friends. The beach is a safe haven for me -- I have always loved it -- from the sound of the waves to the smell of the ocean. On Saturday we spent the afternoon napping with the balcony door open listening to the waves crash. h e a v e n. i def. didn't want to leave. 

& Sunday just ran some errands & watched the Oscars. It was exactly what I needed to recharge to get ready for this week. I am linking up with {Jenni} & {Ashley} for the Instagram recap *some of my photos are from my phone & not instagram* -- Enjoy your monday! xx. ashlyn

When we finally got to the OBX we stopped the grocery to get some necessities for the evening festivities! missing:  happy birthday oreos, stella, sky vodka, & monster. hence it was a good night.

me & my roomie bri :]

this is the hotels pet cockatoo named Sabrina. 
she is certainly a pistol & she bites. 

warning: watch video if you want a good laugh!!!

view from the hotel room. i wanted to get a picture of sunrise, but from the night we had before -- that wasn't going to happen! ha

left to right: Bri. Ashlyn {me lol}. Ali

pictures i took when we went walking on the beach.

Kill Devil Hills, NC

the evening sunset. we were on the opposite side -- but the colors of the sky were to die for.

instagram link party {on tuesday}

I feel like this week is slowly creeping by -- IF ONLY IT WAS TOMORROW ALREADY! geez! ha 

I can't wait until Thanksgiving!!!!
because I will be in South Carolina visiting my family!
I love going to SC -- my favorite place on earth {i guess until I guess the chance to travel} 

This past weekend was super great {despite the little ups & downs that come as usual}. I am linking up with a little {dash} of ash a day late BUT oh well -- I still want to share all my pictures from the weekend :]

I fell in {LOVE} with these books when I walked inside American Eagle -- BUT when did American Eagle start selling books? & I came to the conclusion that these books are ridiculously expensive at AE so I went to & ordered both for like $20 {STEAL}.

Thursday night me & the momma were gonna go see a chick flick but there were no good movies out. So instead we went to Plaza Azteca {my favorite Mexican place EVERRR} & got margs & guac! It was great to be able to spend the evening with my mom :]

& well I had Plaza & margs again for a SECOND night in a row with Nick & his Dad -- & I am OK with it :] because I have an obsession with guacamole & Mexican in general :]

Saturday Nick & I woke up & got Chick-fil-a! I {love} Chick-fil-a & if you have NEVER had it you are def missing out! & HOLLIE it is a BIG DEAL! no hatin' now ;] & after we ate we got some Christmas shopping done at the Williamsburg outlets -- my mom & two brothers are complete! :]

self-portait :] -- i {love} my new scarf! before we went out to spend the evening {on Saturday} with my bfff Aaron Cosman :]

Sunday I spent the daily snuggling with my favorite doggies minus Gracie Mae -- Rufus & Cojack {their both monsters}! I loved snuggling on the couch with them & of course Nicholas while watching the Redskins {lose} :[

oh & I also had some delicious budlight limes in an ice cold mug during the game!

& I got to play around with my camera!

& monday -- well this is the start of something new! I have two new roommates & a new kitten to play with -- Lil Bit to be exact :] & I also spent the evening studying at starbucks with my peppermint mocha for my exam that I had at 8am this morning!

how was your weekend?
are you excited for Thanksgiving?

foccacia bread + spiced pear martinis + & some popcorn in my purse.

Monday came too soon, yet again! But I sure did have a full-filled weekend with a couple brunches, a blate, a movie, a hockey game, a few yummy drinks {specifically a spiced pear martini, can i say yummmm}, & some snuggling in there. Now it is back to the weekly grind hoping to knock out all the studying I have to do for my test that I have tomorrow morning & hoping to survive the long night that I have ahead of me I am linking up with Ash for the weekly Instagram link-up, which I absolutely LOVE participating in when I can! So here are some of my instagram pictures from the weekend to hopefully fill you in on a little bit of my fun -- Other pictures will come later on in the week!

happy monday sunshines.

Friday 11/11/11 -- was absolutely beautiful. After class I drove up to NOVA  -- we headed to Ozzies for some Italian. & honestly I didn't take pictures of our meals because these are the best part of the night {the Ozzie Rolls & focaccia bread}!!!

I am absolutely in LOVE with these fall colors.

saturday night shenaningans at the hockey game -- started off with a spiced-pear martini & changed to bud light limes which ended up with lots of popcorn being thrown at me {hence the photo} -- & we ended the night at Biergarten with some friends for more drinks & NO real dinner - because all they had to offer were pretzels & bratwurst{not really my thing}. So my dinner that night consisted of popcorn & taco bell on the way home {eek. probably not the best idea.} & then sunday morning I come to discover that I lost my favorite pair of earrings. LOVELY.

how was everyone's weekend?!