let's downward dog it.

I need an energy release. 
I need a place where I can focus on me 
-- a place where I can breathe deeply 
& enjoy my own uniqueness. 

I recently started going back to Hot Yoga or {Bikram Yoga} depending on where you practice a few weeks ago. I can honestly say that I feel like a million bucks when I am done with my workouts -- I have a clear mind // any anger that was built up is gone. I feel stronger, healthier, & more relaxed. Some people are so discouraged about trying yoga in a 85-105 degree room -- & I have to say that I was one of them. But ever since I tried it a few years back I fell in love! The only downfall of Hot Yoga that still kinda inhibits me from actually going as much as I want too is the cost. I find it to be so expensive -- & it is hard for me to get a yoga membership & have a gym membership at the same time. So I am currently evaluating whether I want to keep my gym membership as well. But ever since I started going back to yoga -- I keep finding all these items that I want :] like those comfy yoga toe socks, that sweet bag, & that yoga jacket! {CAN I SAY CHRISTMAS LIST!} -- that's ok right? It is November already so I can start making my Christmas list!! :] I mean people are already decorating their houses for Christmas & listening to Christmas music, so I don't think I am jumping the gun at all for starting early ;]

Have any of yall tried Hot/Bikram Yoga?! What do you think? & if so do you have any favorite yoga stuff that you like! :]

enjoy this day you were given.