Lately ... I have been missing you all, tremendously. 

But in my absence over the last week or so I have been ...

S T U D Y I N G | my little heart out for a huge 4 hour test that I took yesterday morning + for my practical that I have this evening. My brain feels like mush & I am not sure I can stick anymore information in my little ol' brain. It also doesn't help that I have major test anxiety, which tends to clog my thinking when taking tests, which is no bueno. I really hope that today's practicals go smoothly & that I don't forgot everything I know.

D R I N K I N G | coffee nonstop to get through all this studying. I don't usually drink alot of coffee, but I would be without it over this last week. I am sure I have a starbucks latte in my hand as you are reading this ;)

S T R I V I N G | to be a better version of my myself by realizing that perfection is feasible & that Grace is more rewarding. It surely is a struggle & I have to constantly remind myself that I am doing all that I can to be the person I want to be today & that is ENOUGH.

D R E A M I N G | of a vacay that involves blue water + sand inbetween my toes. I think I ask N daily where we are going to go on vacation this summer. I have a list that is probably a mile long & I plan on going atleast somewhere, because these last 2.5 years have been full of studying + rotations. Graduation is next Saturday & I am already looking forward to some relaxation (kinda, because I take my boards July 3rd!). I don't have a job lined up just yet, but I am looking at it as a blessing in disguise, because I will actually get to enjoy being an inbetween big girl (ha!) until the right job aligns.

What have all your pretties been up too while I have been away? Tell me! Tell me! xo.

P R E T T Y   I M A G E S


Happy Monday sweet friends! This weekend was a rather exciting one for N + I! Last Monday N closed on  the new house & this Saturday I drove up to DC to help with the moving process. This is a picture of the new house -- it is hard to tell the color of it but it is actually called 'lemon chiffon' yellow. We weren't sure how crazy we were going to be about the color, but I am fan! 

Over the last few weeks N + I have been searching the web & emailing each other links & texting each other pictures of all the the things we would love to get for the house. One of the hardest things was picking out dishware, flatware, & glassware. I immediately fell in love with these Tour Flutes from C&B & HAD to have them. Luckily N loved them too! & the dishware was an easy find since N's style is modern/contemporary. The flatware has been, well lets just say, unsuccessful! It is so hard to pick out that over the internet, you really need to see it in person & be able to hold it in your hands.

My trip to DC was a short one. I only stayed Saturday night & drove back Sunday. But the best part was being able to spend the first night in the house together with N. Many of you know that N +  I have been long distance for the last 25 months & to be able to officially say that I will no longer be in a long distance relationship is THE absolute best feeling. I have exactly three weeks until I start my next rotation up in DC & I couldn't be more excited! I can not wait to start living a life of normalcy, if there is even such a thing! ;)

After heading back to Yorktown VA, I spent the early afternoon browsing around some of my favorite stores -- TJ Maxx, World Market, & Marshalls. World Market had some of the c u t e s t bathroom accessories & they even had these adorable mini Bellini bottles that I feel quickly in love with. I think I need to get myself a case of them & have them for guests that stay over :] good idea?

How was your weekend? Would love to hear about it!

life as of late!

surprised N with a new golf bag + tshirt, along with a round of golf with one of his best friends for his bday  |  saturday brunch at CoCoSala w. the lovely RosaLovesDC, I had the most fabulous time! |  photoshoot by Rosa :: more photos to come later this week! |  shopping with Rosa :: new J. Crew + Lou Lou's  Boutique | had a serious love affair w. this gorgeous dress from Undeniable Boutique in Fairfax VA  |  cap that covered my cadillac converter fell off while driving home on sunday! i was still an hour our from home! but luckily a firefighter came to my rescue! ha | dinner + "baby budlights" w. limes, alot of limes, at Glory Days with N on Saturday night

Today I start a new rotation in Family Medicine! woot woot! I will be working at a local Naval Hospital. I am really excited, but not so excited about changing my schedule around AGAIN. Hopefully this one will be a little bit more normal! :]

I hope you all had a lovely weekend + have a fabulous Monday!