Today is THE day sweet friends! I can hardly believe it. I have worked so hard to get here and I'm sure I will be a ball of emotions, aka crying my eyes out, when I walk across the stage to get my long white coat. I am so blessed to be able to share it with so many of my closest friends and family. Even tho things have been crazy hectic over the last few days & after the graduation ceremony tomorrow morning, I am hoping that they calm down a bit. And a million thank-you's to all of my cheerleaders, meaning all of you. Your support over the last 2.5 years has been so encouraging & I am so blessed + love you all so much for it! 

& for all of you who wanted to know what my moms surprise was. Well, she treated me to a full afternoon of pampering. I get a full body scrub, a facial, shellac mani & pedi! I took some pictures & will be sure to post about it next week :) 

cheers to the weekend! xo



Before I share my 5 truths, how gorgeous is this hand made vintage bib necklace? I have never seen anything more fabulous! It really is a beauty. 

Now onto the real fun! Last week I was tagged by the lovely Mandy, writer + shop owner behind Waiting On Martha in her '5 Truths' post.  She shared 5 personal truths about her & then tagged me, along with 4 other bloggers to join in on the fun. So here goes nothing!

+ one:  I am by far the worst procrastinator of all time. I make lists after lists..after lists & somehow things never manage to get the important things marked off. I spend way too much time browsing the internet, playing on my iPhone, looking for inspiration, & making lists. side note: i make lists of lists. ha! so silly. 

+ two:  Back in the day ... actually only a little over a year ago was I an avid tanner + had no tans lines since I was a freshman college, slap my wrists please. thank-you! But I can safely say that I am no longer the sun-bed goddess I once was. I gave up my year round tanning cold turkey + have not touched a tanning bed since! Last summer, I think I put on a bathing suit two, maybe three times max. & I use to never wear sunscreen when I went out in the sun & now I don't leave the house without it. I am happy to be healthy & I can def see healthy changes in my skin since I stopped tanning. N still tans once in a blue moon & I get on him like white on rice every single time -- one day he will give it up!

+ three: I shave my legs every-single-time I am in the shower. & I really am not kidding. I hate the feeling of having prickly legs, especially when I have pants on. I was thinking back to what age I started shaving my legs & I was 11, going on 12 years old. My mom didn't let me start shaving until I started swimming year round in 6th grade. So, I must blame this OCDness that I have on the fact that when I was swam I wasn't allowed to shave my legs during taper, which means you grow your hair out, you wear drag suits (double up on swim suits), or wear tights in practice until the championship meet. I remember having hair on my legs that was so long that I couldn't sleep at night. So yeah, swimming you are to blame for my leg shaving OCDness.

+ four: Many of you who read my blog know that I am currently in school to be a Physicians Assistant & I graduate in only a couple months! eeek. So hard to believe that I started this little blog almost two years ago & look at where it has come is a true blessing. Some people ask how I can love medicine & then love fashion + design. Well, it is easy. I have a passion for both & honestly, when you have passion it is easy to love & do both, wholeheartedly. Even though, in only a few short months I will be sitting down to take my boards + will soon after start my career in medicine I still have bigger dreams & ambitions then many know about. This little blog of mine is only the beginning + my designing dreams could feel a room. I hope to one day be able to reach these dreams & show people that I can do anything that this little heart of mine desires, even if it different then my degree.

+ five: I am your average girl. Sometimes I wake up on the wrong side of the bed & let it affect the rest of my day. & other days I tackle the day full force + kick all the negatives to the curb. Some days I am a grouch & other days I am the bubbliest of them all. Some days I wear a smile plastered on my face hiding my true feelings, while other days my smile is a true reflection of how I am feeling. I have good habits like washing my face every night before I go to bed, waving to the driver who lets me over & giving N goodnight kisses religiously. OH & I have bad habits like not turning on the the fan in the bathroom when I take a shower, leaving my wet towel on the bed, folding clothes + not putting them where they are suppose to go, or pressing snooze eighteen too many times. I am the girl that wants girlfriends who know the meaning of what a 'true friendship' is. I have insecurities. I can be mean. I can be kind. I can be selfish. I can be selfless. I say things I regret. & sometimes I say the right things + other times I don't listen enough. I spend more money then I should & regret it later. I never get enough sleep because I never go to bed on time. I jump to conclusions & snap at N way to much. I wear my heart on my sleeve & I wear it big. My point is: I am me & very far from perfect. & this little space of mine is a reflection of who I am & what makes me smile. By no means is my life any better then any of yours & I hope I never come across that way & if I do please let me know. I truly cherish each + everyone of you more than you will ever know. So thank-you for your kind words, sweet emails & for sticking by this little ol' blog! xoxo.

Ok, so if you stuck around + made it through all my rambling. Thank-you!

YOU ARE IT GIRLS: KristinNataliaAlissaStesha, + Michaela



So hard to believe February is already here (& almost over!), 2013 sure is flying by! With the start of the new year I decided to make some changes in my life, some of which I mentioned in my letter to 2013. I was impacted greatly by Lara Casey, Rhi Nicole, & Leah Mullet when they started setting goals for themselves & at the start of each month. Last month, I wrote down my goals in a little notebook, only for my eyes to see & lets just say that that is + was not the best idea. I feel like I wrote them down & forgot about them. I catch myself making excuses as to why I am not reaching my goals & I am not too happy about that. So I decided to put together my monthly goals & share them on the blog with everyone. & just maybe I can encourage each of you to start doing the same thing, because accountability can go a long way!

January Goals:

Less Negativity. - self-explanatory. So many times I catch myself being negative & I don't even realize it. I want to be positive with everything from traffic to what I am going to have for dinner. This is a work in progress. For example, last night N + I got to go to the Capitals game & the metro ride home took super super long with stop & go of the metro. Side note: I am one of those that gets severe motion sickness and instead making the situation a more positive one, such as reminding myself of the time I was getting to spend with N, all I did was mope and grope. This my friends needs to change.

Early to bed + early to rise - I am night owl, like a 2-3 am go to bed even though I am dragging night owl & then the next morning I hit my snooze 5 thousand times. I literally set 1 alarm across the room, 2 alarms at my bed, & multiple alarms on my phone. yes it is THAT bad & I am a little embarrassed to share that! But I really want to spend the time with the Lord every morning to help get me in the right mind set for the day. I want to have that cup of coffee that I never seem to get to enjoy. I want to take my time getting ready in the morning instead of feeling like I am always rushing out the door. -- You may have noticed a lack of posting this week, because this goal HAS implemented. I have been opening my computer less + spending more time with me, myself, + the Lord. & I have been getting more sleep! WOOT WOOT!

Less procrastination - I have a tendency to wait to do things at the last minute & then so many times things go wrong. I have started to write things down in my planner, scribble more to-do lists & set reminders on my cell phone to keep up with all the little things that I have due or want to get done. Doing much better with this.

Less controlling - I am a control freak & I have the sweet genes from my mother to thank for that. I tend to have something set in my mind about the way things should go & if it doesn't happen that way I kinda-really-freak-outtttt. Every now + then the freak-out is only in my mind & other times it becomes evident in my mannerisms and my actions, & N can vouch that I do not tend to let things go easily & I always want some form of closure which def can not happen every time. So I am really trying to take a step back & remind myself that life just happens sometimes & that there isn't an answer for everything. 

Cooking - This is a goal that is going to take some time to really implement into my daily living, especially since I have never ever ever cooked for more than one person. & 99% of the time I am a throw it in the microwave kind of girl, even though I have always loved to cook. 

Have you set goals for yourself this year/month? Are you sticking with them? & if so, any advice as to what helps you?

Anywho, Enjoy your weekend, sweet friends! I am on-call all weekend & will hopefully get to deliver more beautiful babies & learn some more amazing things. xo