DESSANGE Paris Haircare

Dessange Paris Review, Target Haircare

It can be such a challenge finding haircare that is both affordable and worthy of having a place in my shower. And I am all about affordable haircare! The Oleo Miracle DESSANGE Paris Haircare Collection has been on rotation for the past several weeks and I have noticed a huge difference in the texture of my hair & the healthy feeling I have after blow drying and styling it. 

The Oleo Miracle Haircare line is infused with natural oils that help create a sleek finish, perfect for straight hair and perfect for hair that is overprocessed and damaged hair. My hair is super thick, so finding a shampoo & conditioner that doesn't make my hair oily or dried out after use is important. The Oleo Miracle line does none of the above, and actually gives my hair some extra life, especially with all of my split ends from being colored for so many years. 

The DESSAGE Paris haircare brand has been around for decades & has been used in professional salons all across the country, making it the perfect shampoo/conditioner to add to your daily routine. Lucky for you, DESSANGE PARIS products can be found exclusively at Target. Get your hands on this premium, but super affordable haircare, you won't be disappointed!

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At-Home Workspace with OttLite

It has been a while since I tackled my to-do list in my at-home workspace, so a nice little re-vamp is just what I needed to get back in the groove of things. Over the weekend, I went through everything to get rid of stuff I have never used or things that I just don't need, cause naturally I use to over buy everything office supplies. ha! 

The newest edition to my little workspace is the OttLite LED Crane Lamp, which has made all the difference, since I didn't have an efficient way of lighting the room without using the over head lamp (which I am a NOT a fan of because of the warm light it puts off). The OttLite Lighting system was created by a photobiologist, who actually studied natural daylight effects on living things. Creating a space that is easy to work in it essential to being productive. The type of lighting truly can affect the way a person thinks and how they visualize things - so having a light source that allows you to view things clearing and without straining the eyes is important. 

Even when I am not at home on the computer, I spend my entire day using a computer when interacting with my patients. Having a lighting system that doesn't cause eye strain is so essential and a important part of vision health. When I am at work, I am constantly straining and find that I get headaches easily because of this. My new OttLite LED Crane Lamp has been extremely helpful when a get home from a long day and still have patient charts to finish. It is easy to move around without causing excess clutter and the flexible neck is convenient to adjust when needing more precise light.

The OttLite LED Crane Lamp has been a great addition to my at-home workspace and am considering purchasing one for work as well. I love the minimalistic look at the creates and fits perfectly with my aesthetic. If you are in the market for a new lamp (or just want to see what this bad boy is all about) then ever the OttLite giveaway -- you won't regret it!

Enter to win the OttLite lamp of your choice – and win one for a friend!  Enter to win here!  5 winners will be selected from all the entries.  (Contest is open from November 7 thru December 3, 2016).

ALSO, save 25% on your very own OttLite by using code BLOGGER25 on OttLite (valid November 7 thru December 31, 2016 on in-stock lamps).  

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Tied In A Knot


There is something about a pair of high rise denim + white button down top that it easy to throw at any time. Banana Republic's minimalist style makes it easy to pair simple pieces like this front tie button down with my favorite denim. To spice up my outfit I through on a sexy black lace bralette from Anine Bing. And since I have a thing for slides - this pair was easy to slip on when running out the door get some errands done. & they are super comfy!

What is your go-to favorites for running errands?

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