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I have been wearing them for as long as I can remember ..


I have been wearing Uggs for as long as I can remember. Years ago, when I attempted to buy my first pair, I was in New York City right after the New Year in 2008 with my Best Holly -- I wanted a pair so bad. We hunted and hunted for them, and no bueno, couldn't find them anywhere! Finally, I was able to purchase my first pair many months later & I still have them. I have a few pairs to be honest, but my first pair are truly my favorite. After having them for almost 10 years, they are starting to fall apart. The fur is all tattered from wearing them in the rain and the snow & the soles have seen better days. With Fall weather quickly approaching, I am in need to get these things fixed or I need to buy myself a new pair (so my feet don't get wet when I go outside!) Luckily, there is an online shop that will reburish my Uggs for me. They conveniently pick up the package from my house & it is relatively affordable. They also offer cleaning, waterproofing and repairs which would help protect your Uggs from the get-go.

ML Furs is a renowned Fur Company based out of Denver Colorado. Their fur preserving/cleaning/storing services + products are top notch & if you are in the market to repair some of your things, you should def. check them out.

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Prepping for a Party with Paperless Post

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I have to be honest, I do not host many parties, but now that N + I are recently engaged (YAY!), we will be celebrating many little get togethers coming up. Off the top of my head -- we have Save The Dates to create, plus a possible engagement party and let's not forget the bachelorette and bachelor parties. & we may just have a Christmas get together as well! So see, I told you we have a lot of little shindigs coming up, which is super exciting. 

I am a little old fashion when its comes to sending cards -- I want to send something that they can hold on too and put on the fridge as a little reminder. I love the feeling of getting mail unexpectedly. It's one of many little joys I cherish. When I started using Paperless Post a few years back, I fell in love with the fact that you can send either an electronic card via email or you can send the real deal -- stamped, addressed and all. How cool is that? They take out all the extra hassle when planning a party or event.

When prepping for a party there is a lot of little things that go into it to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Here is a list of things I do in order to prepare for a little get together.

  1. Decide what kind of party you are having

  2. Choose a date

  3. Create a budget

  4. Decide how many people you want to potentially invite.

  5. Make a list of people to invite.

  6. Decide on the theme

  7. Send out invitations via Paperless Post

  8. Purchase all the party supplies

  9. Set up the perfect party

  10. Have a party with your favorite playlist included!

There are so many exciting things about hosting a party. Not only is the planning part fun, but deciding the theme and sending out invitations has to be pretty exciting as well. Paperless Post has so many different options. Some of my favorites include Kelly Wearstler, Rifle Paper Co, Sugar PaperVera Wang & Kate Spade New York.

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Must Have | Fall Designer Shoes


No girl can never have too many pairs of shoes! Am I Right? I have quite the obsession with shoes, but I will say that it can be difficult to browse designer women shoes that are affordable. I have been slowing weeding out shoes that I just don't care for any more or shoes that don't fit right, so that I can start creating a wardrobe that I can grow with. I want shoes that are fashionable, good quality and will still be apart of my wardrobe year after year. 

Now that Fall is quickly approaching (can you believe that next week is the beginning of September?!) it is time to start searching for comfortable, affordable designer shoes to add to my Fall wardrobe. Some of my favorite brands are Vince Camuto, Marc Fisher, Steve Madden & Lucky Brand. These brands tend to be of great quality, super comfortable and long lasting.

I am in search a cute pair of ankle booties, brown over the knee boots, comfy flats & a pair of suede heels. I have rounded up some of my favorites that I have found so far. Where do you like to shop? Share some of your favorites places to shop with me in the comments below?