TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist: Style Without Stiffness

I love a good hair day, but sometimes that just ain't happening. I have to be up so early in the morning, that my hair is the least of my worries and typically my mornings are very quick and too the point. Too cut out the extra stress, I make sure my clothes are laid out the night before and the simple things to get me out the door quickly are set in motion before going to bed. Most evenings, especially the evenings where I go to the gym after work, I wash my hair before I go to bed so that I can avoid having to take the time to dry it. This also allows me to get out of the house in a quick and timely manner and avoid putting extra wear and tear on my hair.

Now the downfall to letting my hair air dry is that it lacks texture and has a very fine/silky feeling. I love a good second day hair, but frankly I don't have hair that can tolerate going to the gym and just spraying a ton of dry shampoo in it. It gets super greasy and it just FEELS super dirty. I wish I was that girl, but I have tried over and over again without any luck. However, when getting ready in the morning I recently started using the new TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist hairsprays that work great with dry hair. 


My morning routine consists of first dirtying up my roots with the Compressed Micro-Mist texturizing Hairspray Level 1. It adds a bit of grip and gives me the second day hair that I am looking for. What I love most about this Texturizing Spray is it provides a light hold, but still allows my hair to feel light and bouncy. It isn't stiff at all and it doesn't matter how much you spray. The Micro-mist Hair Spray uses super fine micro-mist particles that penetrate through the top layer of hair to provider deeper coverage throughout your hair. So your hair will never feel weighed down.


Next, I take a comb and piece out sections of my hair. I tease each section individually to help create volume. The Micro-Mist Texturizing Spray helps create the added volume without the added stiffness. The comb doesn't get stuck and my hair doesn't feel clumpy.

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I take the Micro-Mist Smoothing Spray Level 2 and spritz throughout to add a bit more oomph and too lock in the smoothness and texture.

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I take my flat iron and individually straighten the ends to create some smoothness. 


I add a bit more texturizing and smoothing spray throughout my hair before pinning pieces individually with bobby pins to create a half-up do.


I create the up do of the day. Sometimes I will add some extra waves with my flat iron or curling iron. Other days I wear it down and add more texture to create a tousled look. And sometimes I will throw it up into a messy pony. Honestly it all depends on the day and how I am feeling :)

To say I am a fan is an understatement. Love the sleek bottles and love the products entirely. I will continue to use the TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Hair Spray line. You can find the entire Compressed Micro-Mist Hair Spray products at your local Walmart.

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TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Hair Sprays

Life Made Easier with Cold Plasma Plus

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An advanced serum concentrate that targets your skin’s individual needs to deliver visible and personalized results, both now and over time. Packed with powerhouse ingredients, including Copper Tripeptides to improve the appearance of firmness and elasticity, Vitamin C Ester to reduce the look of dark spots and restore radiance, while Omegas 3, 6 and 9 promote smoother, more supple-looking skin.

Can you believe it is already February? Where has the time done. I feel like life stays busy and never really slows down the older we get, however I do try to slow down and take the time to take care of my skin and hair. I have been a huge fan of Perricone MD products for a while now and the Cold Plasma Plus certainly didn't disappoint either. 

These winter months cause my skin to get dry and irritated, which makes the redness in my skin come out in full force. It really is one of my biggest insecurities and am always wearing some sort of coverup, even if it is a light tint to mask the redness. I have been using the Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus for the last few weeks and immediately started to notice a difference in my skin -- less redness, finer lines and increased moisture. I am hooked!

I have been applying this concentrated serum at night on freshly cleansed skin so it is fully absorbed. It is lightweight, super hydrating, fast-absorbing and aggravate my face at all. The Cold Plasma Plus is great for normal to dry/oily skin. 

The unscented formula is absolutely amazing and if you are looking for a new skin care product that will change your life and skin then you need to try the Cold Plasma Plus! Your skin with start to look less dull and more radiant with just a couple weeks of consistent daily use. To see the best benefits it is recommended that you use the products 1-2 times daily for at-least 8 weeks. So what do you say, you ready to try Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus?

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Intrigued? Ready to give your face a little extra TLC?

New Year, New Skin

Skincare is super important to me. I think it is so critical to take care of your skin not only by wearing sunscreen, avoiding excessive sun exposure, not going to sleep with make up on, but also it is extremely important to make sure you are nourishing your skin with products that make a difference.

The new year always entails creating habits that are beneficial and one is continuing to take care of my skin on a daily basis. When my skin needs a little pick me up, I go straight for masks. I have tons of go-to masks that I tend to use on a nightly/daily basis and love trying new ones out to see if they fit into my routine. Clarins has always been one of my favorite skincare brands because my skin just loves their products since they are plant based. When asked to try out the SOS Pure mask from the SOS Face Mask Collection, I was immediately on board. This collection promises to help target different skin concerns which I find to be perfect for those who have certain skin care concerns.

The SOS Pure Mask is a rebalancing clay mask that helps detoxify congested skin in 5-10 minutes. It is made with organic willow herb and plants ingredients that are gentle on the skin, which allow you to use it on a daily basis for a deep cleanse. The texture is a creamy-paste, feels refreshing on the skin and is good for oily to combination skin. The final result: purified skin with smaller looking pores.

If you are looking to rejuvenate your skin this year, then be sure to check out the Clarins SOS Mask Collection. If you have had the chance to try out these masks, what do you think? Do you have a favorite?