Keto Collagen & Why It Is Essential To My Daily Routine

This post is sponsored by Ancient Nutrition, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I am always on the go and my mornings are short and sweet with having to be at work by 7:30 AM. More days then not I don't get breakfast and lean on my coffee to give me some extra energy. I recently starting using Ancient Nutrition Keto Collagen in my morning coffee and it has made all the difference. First all let me teach you a little bit about why I use it:

What Is Collagen:

Collagen is an important part of your body, it actually functions to hold you together. It also provides a slew of health benefits if you consume the right kinds, which most of us do not get enough in our diets. There are several different types of Collagen, but let's chat about Keto Collagen!

What is Keto Collagen?

Ancient Nutrition Keto Collagen is a blend of MCT's and collagen. It contains some of the healthiest fats and proteins to help provide us with energy and recovery. Our body loves fat and actually uses it as a source of energy. Our brain function relies on it and so does every single cell in our body. Ancient Nutrition Keto Collagen primarily uses fat to fuel our body.

What is MCT?

MCT is short for Medium-Chain Triglyceride and our body loves this type of fat. This time of fat chain is essential for health and improving energy levels. We need these for normal growth. 

How to use Ancient Nutrition Keto Collagen?

Simple! Throw it in your morning coffee, afternoon tea or in a milk shake. You can even create protein muffins and protein bowl if you wanna be fancy! :) It combines grass-fed, pasture-raised collagen protein and coconut MCT’s into one tasteless, easy to mix scoop.

When to use Ancient Nutrition Keto Collagen?

  • Before or After work: Coffee, Tea
  • Before, during or after you workout: Protein shake, smoothie
  • Need a snack? Throw in some Keto Collagen

Want to learn more about Keto Collagen and give it a try? You can get 15% off with your purchase by using code KETOCOLLAGEN15 through 9/30/18. 

Tips for a Confident Selfie

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So I have a confession to make ... I am super shy when it comes to taking a selfie! I am always trying to perfect my selfie game and I rarely post any of them for that reason. I feel like I lack confidence or I feel like I didn't a good enough selfie or photo of myself, but this year has been different. I am really trying to build up my confidence and trying to stop judging myself for what I am not and start loving myself more for what/who I am. So here are a few tips that have helped me feel a little bit more confidence in my own skin.

Lighting Is Everything: I certainly feel and look my best when the light is just that perfect shade of indirect light. I actually prefer a softer, less direct form of natural or white light and feel like gloomy days or evenings when the sun is going down is when I get that perfect soft natural light. On days when you need to take a photo and the lighting isn't working in your favor, enter the LuMee Duo phone 8 plus case! It is literally, the most life changing phone case ever. It is equipped with two bands of adjustable soft light. You click the case button once to activate flattering selfie light, or hit it twice to illuminate the foreground and you can adjust the strength of light but holding the button down. I not only use it to take a self, I use it to touch up my makeup and to actively get around the house in the morning in the dark when everyone else is asleep! :)

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Honestly, light is truly the best beauty product when it comes to taking a selfie. It hides dark circles and creates a bright natural glow.

Think About the Background: Clean backgrounds go along way. You really do have to think about what is in your surroundings before shooting a photo, because the background is a hot mess then you will likely think your photo is a hot mess. So I am always on the hunt for the perfect background, because it really can make all the difference in a photo.

Find Your Best Angle: Everyone ... I mean everyone has an angle that they gravitate towards when taking a photo. It is typically the angle that you find most flattering and the one you feel most confident. When you that find that angle, stick with it! But don't forget to experiment with other angles.

Smile Your Best Smile: Everyone loves a beautiful, natural looking smile. Throw on some of your favorite lipstick or lipgloss, put on some mascara and foundation and show everyone what you are made of. Keep practicing, you will get the hang of it!

Use the Right Apps/Filters: Finding the right apps and or filters and sticking with them is key to creating an image that you are proud of. If I edit a photo super quickly and don't stick to my normal routine then I end up disliking the photo, even though it could be the best selfie I have ever taken. Some of my favorite apps are: VSCO and Lightroom CC. I also use the instagram app to make final edits to my photos.

Embrace Who You Are: There is no one like you! You are beautiful just the way you are. Embrace who you are, all of your attributes (freckles, moles, small eyebrows, bushy eyebrows, wrinkles, fly aways, full lips, small lips, dimples, and wrinkles etc) are beautiful -- they may feel like imperfections, but you truly are imperfectly perfect for a reason. Learning to love yourself unconditionally is truly KEY to building happiness. If you can learn to love yourself unconditionally and embrace who you are wholeheartedly then these selfies will get easier. (I am practicing this on a regular basis!) But my best advice, is girlfriend, go on and take those 500 selfies and post one, or share it with your favorite person and just learn to love yourself JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

A little "me" time with Bioré

I do love getting in a little pampering sesh once or twice a week. It helps me wind down, especially when work and life gets a bit busy and stressful. Finding time for yourself is extremely important and it is proven to help you feel better mentally and physically. I have a slew of masks that I love to use, as I have mentioned in previous posts but I am always up to trying something new.

I love 'masking' with multiple products at one time, as it is beneficial to use specific products that help target a single area in a quick period of time, especially if finding 'me' time can be challenging with our busy schedules. Two products that I used over the weekend are the Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips and Bioré One Minute Self Heating Mask

Biore has been around for years and I have been using their pore strips forever, however The Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips help pull out all that gunk in your nose in a quick 10 minutes. It helps remove all the buildup and oil that tends to gravitate to our nose.

The Bioré One Minute Self Heating Mask is such a fun and unique product. The minute this masks hits your face and you start to massage it in, it heats up. There is slight tingly sensation from the warmth, which helps draw out dirt and oils that are hanging out on your skin. You are left with feeling smooth and refreshed. You can apply this mask 2-3 x a week

These products are super affordable, great for traveling and can be found at your local Target or Amazon. So grab yourself some fun new Bioré products and pamper yourself this week sometime. You won't regret it!