Boho by Spence: An Ethical, Environmentally-Friendly Collection for Stylish Millennials

As I have gotten older, shopping ethically and making sure products are environmentally-friendly has become more and more important to me. I was recently introduced to the Boho by Spence Collection & was intrigued by their impact that they have made. This gorgeous collection features artisan created diamonds, which are ethically and environmentally sustainable -- meaning they are not real diamonds. Spence Diamonds uses artisan created diamonds and because of this they are making these pieces affordable and also lessening the negative impact that diamond mining can have, especially in central Africa. With every purchase, 1% goes to NGO Not for Sale to help alleviate human trafficking, which in turn allows them to actively build schools and housing for those who have been displaced by diamond exploitation. I love how much of a impact that are trying to make!

Now lets chat about the symbols. The entire Boho by Spence collection encompasses various symbols which stand for a value or trait. I received three pieces of jewelry -- a bangle with a leaf that represents purity and respecting other. The earrings are leaves, which represent soar -- lighten your mind, open your heart and let yourself go. The necklace had an earth charm which represents the elements are forever changing. There are so many symbols that you can explore and I am sure there is one that would suite you!

Overall, the unique Boho by Spence Collection was created to help women and men feel optimistic, confident, stylish, independent and responsible in their lives by wearing beautiful jewelry & helping others at the same time.

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Earth Necklace

Forever adapting, forever changing. Change is for the good.

Check out the collection here! All U.S. orders have free shipping. If you’re from Canada, click here. Let me know what’s your favorite piece!

How To: Never Lose Your Things

Guilty: misplacing everything.

Guilty: finding it just where I left it. 

I am so guilty of misplacing things -- keys, camera or a beauty product -- you name it & I have probably misplaced. It is not a regular occurrence, but it does happen & it can be super frustrating. One of the most common things I misplace is my small travel camera that I typically throw in my purse to take out and about or will casually move it around the house to take pictures.  I don't use it all the time, which is why it can get misplaced so easily. It can be so aggravating to search for hours for this camera, especially when I need it right then and don't have time to look for it. So when I was introduced to the Tile, I figured out a smart way to never lose something important again. wohoo!


So let me first introduce you to the Tile -- it is the world's best-selling Bluetooth tracker, which you can attach to ANYTHING you don't want to lose. There is a handy The Tile App that you can download for your smart phone in order to track where you last left your item. It is a phone-finding app  


So how does it work? So say you misplaced that item you recently stuck a Tile too & you are within the 100-foot Bluetooth range of your phone (200 feet for certain models), you just click “Find” in the app & the Tile will then play a loud enough sound so you can easily find it. You can also you the Tile website to help track & you can share with friends. There are also several melodies to choose from within the app itself if you want. If the item is not within range and you’re not sure where you could have left it just leave the Tile app running in the background and it will remember the last place and time you had your item. Pretty much the niftiest thing EVER & I am pretty sure I need to purchase a multi-pack for myself + friends

Tile Mates start at $25 for 1 or $70 for a combo pack of 4, or $130 for 8.


While I love having the Tile on our tv remote, you may want to use it on other things. Things like…

  • cell phones
  • keys
  • wallets
  • tablets
  • backpacks/bags/purses
  • luggage
  • toys
  • cameras
  • lunch boxes
  • glasses case

So what are you waiting for? Join the Tile community because “together we find”!

Fall into Rosé

The temperatures are quickly changing & I am definitely not complaining one bit. When I think Fall -- I think cozy oversized sweaters, pumpkins, tomato soup and of course, wine! I am usually a red wine drinker all the way, but have been branching out & a runner up is Rosé. I was recently introduced to the Wines of Provence, whom are known for their quality of wines, as well as their dedication to Rosé. They are based out of France & they are the only region to dedicate 89% of their wine production to Rosé! Which is pretty cool if you think about it.

Wines of Provence offer a variety of wines, so all of your friends and family can enjoy. From light fresh wines to sip on in the Summer and Spring to deeper more intense wines to carry us through the Fall and Winter – Wines of Provence is a one stop shop.

Now the best part. If you live in NY or SF, then you are in luck, Wines of Provence Restaurant Week is going on in San Francisco and New York until October 25th, which is where they will be celebrating the year round use of Rosé. If you can make it, you definitely should! Now, I am off to enjoy my weekend & pop open a bottle or two of these delicious wines. Cheers!