Chic Summer Denim: 2 Ways

I live for cozy denim + pieces that can me through these hot Summer months and carry me into Fall. These pieces from Marks & Spencer have quickly become favorites of mine. I was highly impressed with the quality of the clothing & have been wearing them since they arrived. These Ripped Girlfriend Jeans are everything ... the perfect amount of rips & according to my Dad, I should NEVER pay for something with rips in them (HA!). But what does he know? (love you Dad!) I love everything high waist & the color is perfect for Summer or Fall. Plus, they are under $53!

Now let's talk about these Suede Wedge Sandals ... they are so friggin' cute + comfy! They add the perfect extra height to my 5'3 frame & love the lace up tie. Under $68 & worth every penny. I want the nude ones as well.

Who doesn't love lace. I have been gravitating towards all things lace & this Lace Top is no exception. The color is the perfect shade of blush/peach. Also, this sleeveless kimono has been dressed up, dressed down & worn as a coverup at the beach & under $53.

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Nordstrom Sale Favorites

It haven't heard, the Nordstrom Sale is in full force! I mean, it is literally errrrrywhere. I haven't been able to stop by my local Nordstrom just yet, but I did manage to grab a few pieces online before they sold out. After scoring through my Nordstrom Magazine, I wanted to share some of my favorites with you all. Check out my picks below & be sure to let me know what you grabbed from the sale in the comments.

Guest Room Essentials

N + I love having guests over, whether it be close friends or family visiting for a day or extended period of time, we always want to make them feel at home. Before our guests arrive, I always prep the room with clean sheets, a set of towels, a fresh candle + matches and any essentials that they might have accidentally left at home. 

When the Cottonelle Clean Care Box arrived at my doorstep I knew that I would be saving it for a future guest who would be staying with us. The Cottonelle Clean Care Box is filled with 7 products, some full-sized & others that are for a one time use, which was offered over at for $5 with free shipping earlier this week. They might be bringing it back, so keep an eye out for it on this page here! It's a steal of deal. Below are all the products included:

1 | Cottonelle Clean Clear Bath Tissue - Bath tissue, everyone needs this & what better essential then you giving your house guests a brand new roll!! N + I use Cottonelle Bath Tissue on a regular basis since it is durable and super soft, which is WAY better then the super cheap thin bath tissues.

2 | Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Clothes - Each of our bathrooms have a tub of Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Clothes in them & when we travel we make sure to bring a little pack of these with us. They are lifesaver ... especially when the public restroom doesn't have toilet paper at all. YIKES!

3 | Kleenex Facial Cleaning Wipe - I have never had the chance to try these out, but perfect for a guest who forgot their makeup remover or need a little facial pick me up after a long day of site seeing here in DC.

4 | Kleenex Tissues - Someone always needs these bad boys. Perfect for the bedside table & for a guest to throw in their bag/purse while traveling.

5 | Skinfix Ultra Rich Hand Cream - Whenever I travel, I always manage to leave my body/hand lotion at home, so I think that this is perfect for the house guest who is just like me! ha! Skinfix is one of my favorite affordable skin care brands & this hand cream is super hydrating.

6 | Skinfix Lip Repair Balm - Lots of traveling causes my skin to become dehydrated & my lips typically get chapped. This is a nice little extra for any guest.

7 | The Bathery Bath Sponge - This white bath sponge is extra fluffy & thicker then it looks & there are many times I get to my destination & forgot a throw-away bath sponge. & honestly, I am not a fan of using wash clothes. So this is a great essential for house guests.

This box is one of my absolute favorite boxes that Target has put out in a while. I love how practical it is for anyone - not just a guest, but great for traveling & for gifts. If you weren't able to grab one of the Cottonelle Clean Care Boxes remember to keep checking back here to see if they are restocked .. $5 is such a good deal.

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