The Urge to Write

so, yeah its been another month since i have written in here, BUT i had the urge to write during class today but couldn't. so i just got home & that's what i am doing. there is so much to catch up on that i dont even know where to begin.

first of all, i am still struggling w. giving everything over to God. i am working on it, but it is a daily struggle for me.

this pass month has been CRAZY. it's been about figuring out who i am as a person + what i want to do with what has been provided for me. from learning who my TRUE friends hard to discovering new friendships, from falling more in love with nick + learning how to encourage him & help him get through this tough time of us being apart + learning how to love him the way he needs to be loved. ive also realized that my FAMILY is probably one of the most important things in my life, because i will always have them. i am really learning to not take them for granted, but not only listening to them w. an open heart, but being there for them even when it isn't convenient for me. ALONG w. all this learning who i am as an individual, i was also finishing up my first semester in PA school (what a relieve it is over) but it sure was a long month! i finished strong + pulled through w. all A's (or what they call honors) i am very proud of myself, but i know that i have a long corridor ahead of me + it isn't going to be so easy! && now i am onto semester two, in which i only had 9 days off, + i started school this past monday & i am already EXTREMELY stressed out w. reading assignments, quizzes, + trying not to fall behind!

sooo... i have alot more that has happened in the past 2 weeks -- i spent Easter w. my family + nicks // nick + i got a puppy named Rufus // i caught up w. old friends whom ive missed alot // && i got to attend loads of CAPS games, + too be honest hockey has just become an obsession really :) -- so i can't talk about all of these things on here today (well not in this entry) BUT i will try my best to update w. pictures from the past two weeks + i am actually really really excited about it!!!

peace+love :: ash

ohhh & i might incorporate the highs + lows thing that my friend lauren does, bc i absolutely LOVE it :) i think it will help me learn to appreciate the little things more!