Fill In The Blank Friday

All week I was looking forward to doing Fill in the Blank Friday -- & I know that it is now 12:56am on Saturday but I had to do it! Today was probably the longest day everrrr -- from almost missing my exam this moring, to having a massive headache + anxiety attach that wouldn't go away, & then my car wouldn't start as I was leaving to go out of town -- let alone it was 100 degrees outside, but it felt like 106. It just wasn't a good day -- but then I made it to Northern Virginia, got to relax with my man + pup, & NOW I finally get to do Fill in the Blank Friday! :]]]]]]  


1.  This weekend I'm spending the weekend in Northern Virginia with my man & puppy andam super excited that I finally made it here safe & sound!

2.  My last vacation was last October when Nick & I went to Rivera Maya, Cancun. I am sooo ready for another vacation & I am constantly looking for another trip to go on. I might just start sending Nick emails all of the places I want to go, so he gets the hint that we need to go on another vacation! :]

3.  My next vacation will be ohhh who knows. I am a full-time student so it makes it very difficult to go on a vacation. The next time that I could even possibly think about going on a vacation is that last week in August, which is the only week I have off before I start my third semester of PA school. 

4.  My favorite way to relax is lounging around in my pajamas, reading a good book & watching lifetime movie marathons! I also just love being able to do absolutely nothing -- such as having ZERO plans. I always have something going on, so when I have nothing its super relaxing. 

5.  When vacationing one should always just do whatever -- have zero expectations & just to relax! i know that when you travel to a place you have never been before you want to do a million & one things, but having time to yourself is SOOO important.

6.  When vacationing one should never worry about  what you should/should not eat. ENJOY yourself! when I went to Cancun, I ate/drank anything & everything -- im not saying i kinda felt guilty once i got home but while i was there i sure did enjoy myself :]

7. The best part about a vacation is that you get to get away from real life. you don't have to worry about work, chores, school, bills -- NOTHING. you just get to enjoy the time away & it helps you appreciate that all the hard work you have been doing has really paid off & allowed you to go on that vacation!

wellll, thats my fill in the blank friday! :] 

hope you enjoyed your friday!

night xo,