Fill In The Blank Friday

IT'S FRIDAY!! :] i love friday's like most people, but to me friday's can also be a little stressful -- either bc eventhough i have a weekend ahead of me, most of the time i don't really have a weekend bc i am in school fulltime & really have no time to myself whatsoever. but {this} friday is different, bc i am going to make it be different :]

but back to fill in the blank friday -- i saw this on my friend chelsea's blog :] & decided to try it! i saw that she got it from the little things we do blog site :] so here it goes! :]

 1. I love clean sheets because they are so welcoming & comforting. i love when i just showered + my sheets were just washed&put on my bed &i get how of the shower + can just jump in them :] probably one of my fav. things ever!

2.  A time that mama knew best was well i don't think there are many times when momma didn't know best. my mom knows me better than i know myself -- she is my rock + i strive to be hers. she always has wonderful advice & even though i screw up & make decisions without thinking, she is always there to keep giving the advice even when i dont want it {which is normally how it is}

3.  My first kiss went a little like this ha, i am actually not so sure. i think i was in elementary school + the little kid next door kissed me on the lips for like .2 seconds ;]

4.  My celebrity crush is mark wahlberg ;] he is such a hunk! as you can see -- sexay marky mark in his CK's :]

5.  My splurge of choice is starbucks venti-7 pump-skinny-sugar free-iced caramel macchiato = HEAVEN! :]

6.  My biggest accomplishment is getting into Eastern Virginia Medical Schools Physician Assistant Program -- succeeding my expectations for my first semester not only with my grades but also in my relationship with nick -- our relationship has grown so much, and i am so thankful to have someone so amazing in my life -- to help me get through it! :]

7. My dance jam of choice is "Raise Your Glass" by Pink -- love love {LOVE} this song!

alrighty. time to go have some drinks w. my ASA's :] {soooo} excited + nick will be home from work soon!

xo, ash.