The ABC's of me

A. Age -- 23

B. Bed size -- full but hoping that i get a new queen bed from my parents for my birthday :] i send emails, texts, & have phone conversations about this with them on a daily basis!

C. Chore you hate -- i despise folding clothes. i love folding sheets, but i {despise} folding clothes.

D. Dogs -- yeah my bf & i have a 14 week old black boxer named Rufus. he is a sweetie!

E. Essential to your day -- coffee, coffee, & diet dr. pepper :]

F. Favorite color -- purple :]

G. Gold or Silver --  i {love} silver especially for my everyday jewelry, but i am loving gold too. i wear mor & more of it on a daily basis

H. Height -- 5 foot 3 inches & a 1/2 hehe

I. Instruments you play -- um, i use to play the clarinet & the piano. but nothing now. learning to play the piano again is on my bucketlist

J. Job Title -- i am a full-time Physician's Assistant student at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA. I graduate in May 2013 & {then} i will be able to have a real job :]

K. Kids -- none at the moment. but i hope to have a few in the future once i am married & settled down.

L. Live -- i currently live in Ghent,VA -- which is a little town in Norfolk :] it is such a cute place!

M. Mom's name -- Jami

N. Nickname -- ash, pooh bear {my dearest dad - ha}, petunia

O. Overnight hospital stays -- noooo, can't say that i have. Thank the Lord for that :]

P. Pet Peeve -- windshield wipers, taking up two parking spaces, saying love you instead of i love you, people who ask questions that they already know the answers too

Q. Quote from the top of your head -- "The sun never says to the earth, 'You owe me.' Look what happens with a love like that. It lights up the whole sky." - Hafiz

R. Righty or Lefty --  lefty

S. Siblings -- 2 younger brothers -- Aaron [17] + Andrew [21]

T. Time you wake up -- well the question is when do i ever go to sleep since i am always studying. ha but i wake up between 6:30am & 9am

U. Underwear --  i {love} me some cute underwear :]

V. Vegetables you dislike -- there are not too many veggies that i dislike, but one of them is mushrooms [eeewww yuck]

W. What makes you run late -- procrastinating. bad bad bad. lol

X. X-ray's you've had -- teeth, knee, shoulder -- not really sure.

Y. Yummy food you make -- well i don't really cook much atm bc i am poor & my mom brings me food :] but when i do/have cooked i make yummy mac&cheese, shepards pie, & sphaghetti!

Z. Zoo animal favorites -- giraffes are one of my fav & penguins {wish i saw more of them}

hope you enjoyed my abc's :]

xo. ash