Chambray | The Classy Denim


Hi love bugs {inspiration from: district sparkle} I have never used this word in my life until Meaghan started using it & now it honestly comes out of my mouth & I don't even realize it. So thank-you! Anywho, it is Friday & I am usually VERY excited about my Friday's but tonight I am on-call :: meaning I will be at work until tomorrow morning around 10am, JOY. But I am excited that I had time to put together my Chambray outfit for Friday Fancies this week :] I have grown to have an o b s e s s i o n with chambray, which I consider the classy denim.

It really is just a fancy-sophisticated-way of saying 'denim' & I have to agree, it is a pretty way to say it! I remember when I was younger & my mom bought me denim clothes & I HATED to wear them, & now which is funny to even think about it, I am buying it because I WANT to wear it. funny how times change!

& that proves a point of why I n e v e r get rid of clothes I use to wear, they alwayscome back in style & then I'll wish I had those clothes. So I keep them.

Today I put together a fun-summery-chambray-lovin-outfit & I might just purchase these things in order to full-fill my Friday Fancies dream! I tend to cling to the darker shades of chambray but def love the lighter colors for spring. Pairing the chambray with a bright color in my opinion is the way to go this time of year! & I added that HOBO Clutch because I own it in the fun pink peony print & LOVE IT! I literally take it everywhere I go, so it is def a staple to my outfits!

what do you like to pair with chambray?