Derby Lady

Kentucky Derby is this weekend & I am beyond envious of everyone who is going! 1) you get to wear big crazy hats with flowers & bows & hell whatever you want on it & no one judges you except for the fact that yours just might be ya little bit better than theirs. 2) you get to gamble on horses & not know what you are doing & its ok! aaaannndd 3) because it is on my bucket list & I have been dying to go FOREVER! So to all you who are going have a drink for me! :]

My dream derby outfit would probably take a year to put together because when I finally get the chance to go I want it to be memorable! ha But I do love BIG  -- so my hat, well it has be BIG, with flowers or bows & it MUST kinda hang down in the front of my face, you know for that look, & I am not exactly sure what that look is, but she has that look in the picture! :] Now as for the dress, I want it to be sophisticated but fun & that is why I love this turquoise dress. & of course purple just so happens to be my favorite color, so it was a must for this outfit! & my favorite piece is the Blair Ritchey Clutch that I have been swooning over for who knows how long! It is a pretty penny for my budget, but I do hope to own one of her fabulous clutches one day :] are you attending the Kentucky Derby this year or any derby for that matter?


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xx. ashlyn

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