Jet Setting Adventures | Part 1

So I promised you all some pictures from Nick & I's jet setting adventures to Boston & I am full-filling that promise! & you should be proud of me because I am the


worst at posting pictures! ha I took so many pictures on our vacay that it has taken me forever to go through them, but here are some of them! I will be sharing the rest in another post! :]

This first set of pictures are from Game 6 of the Washington Capitals vs Boston Bruins playoff game in DC. Nick surprised me with front row tickets! The seats were absolutely auhmazing but too bad they lost :/ But on the upside if they would have won I would never have gotten to go to Boston  with my other half!

We arrived in Boston at 9:45 AM on Wednesday & we couldn't check in to our hotel until 4:30 so we dropped our bags offs at the hotel & walked around the gorgeous city!

Nick & I found the Democratic Donkey! 

The beautiful City Hall building!

This cute little cupcake place that I was dying to go into but we never actually got around to going! So def the next time we go we will have to get a cupcake!

gorgeous city clock!

this arch in the middle of the city was absolutely gorgeous & it was next to a big green field & the water!

our first drinks before noon at the green dragon! ;]

Nick got fish & chips + I got shepards pie = AMAZING! but let me tell you I had food baby the rest of the day.

the view from our hotel! :]

on our way to the hockey game at TD Garden!

Nick & I before warm-ups start!

Nick Backstrom #19 {my main man!}

When we were at the game Nick & I were probably 2 of about 50 Capitals fans in the entire building that holds about 17,000 people. You could say it was an experience I will never forget -- from being harassed by Bruin fans to being 1 of 50 other Capitals fans witness the defeat of the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoff champs. When we won the place was DEAD SILENT! You could hear a needle drop & of course my little ol' yelp! haha It was a good feeling tho!

We got celebratory drinks after the game! This was a delicious cucumber martini :]

P.S. Today is my first official day of my general surgery rotation. I am really really really nervous. I am not sure what my work schedule will be just yet, but I do know that it will be extremely lonnnnng hours {like 90 hours a week} & no time for myself. So please keep me in your thoughts! & I will be sure to update you on my adventures :]

xx. ashlyn