Season Trends

Hi bloggettes! Just wanted to stop in & say hi & give you a little update on my crazyyy week I had! Last Monday I started my general surgery rotation & I honestly didn't know what I was getting into. & let me tell you, I am already ready for this 4 week rotation to be OVER! Last week I worked 78 hours in 5 days & this week I will be working at least 85 hours. My day consists of waking up around 4/4:30 & ends around 6:30/7. Two days a week I am on-call, which means I work from 5am til about 11am the following day. When I do get home from working all I want to do is sleep. Last week I don't even think I opened my computer once! :/ 

One thing for sure: I will never have a career in general surgery! 

I miss all of you ladies & hope to catch back on my blog reading soon! All of your encouraging emails, texts, tweets, & comments really make me smile & help get me through my day.

So please keep em' coming :] xx.

& today I have a wonderful friend, Rosa who is so kind to guest post for me. Please give her some love! xx.

Hi everyone! I'm Rosa Loves DC and I am so glad to be here at Let It Be Beautiful sharing some of my inspiration for spring. 

Every season, I like to create collages to use as a guide when putting together outfits. J.Crew does such an incredible job styling outfits in both their catalog and their online look book, so it is safe to say that J.Crew is my place to go when looking for inspiration. This spring season is no different and I am loving all the bright colors as well as the pastels. What are your favorite trends of the season? Share in the comments.