Bloggers Who Budget: Fall For Less

Sweater (on sale!) | Denim (on sale!) | Navy Bag | Shoes c/o
Earrings c/o | Cuff | Bracelet | Bracelet | Ring

Hey chickadees! Sorry for going MIA on ya'll last week! My best gal pal Trista came into town last week & I haven't seen her in a good year & a half, plus I just needed a little mental break. Honestly, the break was WAY needed & because I enjoyed it so much I may be taking mental breaks more often. I am learning that life is WAY too short to worry about getting stressed out over the little stuff, therefore blogging mental breaks are good for the soul.

On another note, the Bloggers Who Budget gals are back with another budget friendly Fall For Less outfit. Last year, I was introduced to the J.Crew Tippi Sweater (which on sale BTW!) & I bought them in a few colors. The sweater quickly became a Fall/Winter staple for me & I already stocked up on some new colors this past weekend at J.Crew. They are cozy, light weight & super simple to throw up with a skirt, a pair of jeans, over a dress or button up. Versatility is key right? 

Also, I am madly in love with these slip-ons & the design is super cute. They have been on my feet daily since they arrived. & these tassel earrings have been on my ears probably as well.

Now, be sure to scroll down for a fun announcement! 

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