Boom, Baby!

Boom Baby Print | Let It Be Beautiful

Remember this post. Well, I can finally spill the beans! (& no I am NOT pregnant! ha!). I don't even know if this is real because I have been waiting so long to say this out loud & as I sit here typing it still isn't reality just yet. I mean, anxiety has been my biggest enemy - I struggle with it on a daily basis & currently there is a ginormous amount of anxiety sitting on my chest. Maybe because I don't think it is real & I thought that this day would never come. The last year & a half has been the longest year & a half of my life. Not many people knew what I was going through or that I still haven't been able to follow my dreams. I am sure many of you had no idea, because I kept it on the DL. I have been in the lowest state of depression ever & I have had days where I felt like I could do anything & everything. I mean yesterday, I decided to soak in the happiness I was feeling. I vegged out on the couch, watched Lifetime & BRAVO ALLLLLL day long, ate the most unhealthy food ever & snuggled with the pup. I even gave myself the BEST mani-pedi ever just incase the news today was one that I knew all too well. BUT, today I can finally shout it at the top of my lungs that I am a Certified Physicians Assistant!!!!!!!! (eek, that doesn't even sound real yet!) Finally, all that hard work has paid off. Finally, I can start to move on with my life. I finally feel complete. I can finally shout BOOM, BABY! You did it girlfriend! Now go relax, find yourself a job & take your boyfriend out to dinner ... & your mom on a vacation -- because seriously I couldn't have done it without them. They truly are my rock. & Thank you Lord for being by my side this whole time. I may not have understood or still don't understand what you were teaching me along the way, but thank-you. I def. couldn't have done it without Him.