Coffee Talk

Hello Thursday! & Hello to another Coffee Talk. Let's get to it!

FEELING: I'm feeling healthy. Last November, I took a giant leap of faith & signed up for the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in March here in DC with my neighbor. & let me explain the leap of faith part: The last time I ran any race, which was the Shamrock Marathon three years ago almost to the day, I managed to get a stress fracture in my left foot. So this girl really hasn't trained or worked out consistently in quite sometime. So far, since January I have put in almost 30 miles & have completed two long runs (which is super challenging for me). I am eating alittle better & I started taking my vitamins (which I hate, even tho that is what I try to convince my patients to do! ha!). So here's to becoming even more healthy!

LISTENING TO: I am SO over watching online lectures that I could die. Literally die. But I have to keep truckin' on!


THANKFUL FOR: A sweet puppy that loves to snuggle & give me kisses. Before N + I got Tinsley, I wasn't a fan of in door dogs, let alone bulldogs, but man has that changed. I honestly can't get enough of her sweet self. Her embedded forehead wrinkle, bad breathe, underbite, & hair-all-over-the-house self will have my heart forever.

THINKING ABOUT: How quickly the month of January flew by. Can you believe that next week is Valentine's Day? C-R-A-Z-Y! I am really trying to embrace each day to the fullest & not let it slip by. Time doesn't stop & most of the time I don't even realize that it's time for bed until I am falling asleep on the couch. Are your days flying by?

EATING: Over the past week & a half, I have managed to cook home made meals 4 times (go me!). One of my New Year's goals was to cook more & eat out less. I have made my insecurities of cooking & N not being happy with it out of the picture & have faced my fears. Meals have included: Homemade Chili, Salsa, Shepard's Pie & Pork, Lima Beans + Corn & twice stuffed baked potatoes. I could get use to yummy food! Any recipes you want to share with me? I would love to cook them up!

READING: Yesterday, I made a trip to the gym (go me!) & I had to stop by Target (le duh!) to get a lock to my gym locker & of course browse (another le duh!). Now, I have been eyeing The Body Book by Cameron Diaz for months & months but just haven't purchased it yet. While gallivanting on the Magazine/Book isle I spotted 5 pretty little books & of course I wanted to find the prettiest one of them all. & much to my surprise the last book in the pile was a First Edition book signed by Cameron Diaz herself (squealllll!). Yes, I love her to pieces & am so happy I waited patiently to buy this book.

LOVING: Right now, I have fallen in love with ripped denim, but can't seem to find the perfect pair. Some of my current finds: onetwo, & three