Decorating For Spring

March 20th is the first day of Spring, which means Spring is quickly approaching (well maybe not today since it is 30 degrees & extremely windy) & I am already getting in the mood to start some Spring cleaning. This past weekend, I stopped by Target to pick up a few things for the house & Kleenex boxes were on the list since N uses them constantly & we were out. 

Picking out the perfect Kleenex boxes was hard because I had so many choices to choose from & being the indecisive person I am certainly didn't help the situation one bit. I ended up leaving with a simple stylish design that could be used in every area of our home. 

Knowing that my friend Aaron was going to be spending a couple days with us, meant that I needed to spruce up our guest bedroom. I added some fresh white tulips, faux python tray & a cute stylish box of tissues (& while cleaning I enjoyed an afternoon pick me up) to the side table. Now, I am usually the girl that hides the box of tissues, because typically they are not so stylish, but thanks to Kleenex that isn't the case anymore, because now you can find your style with Kleenex. 

& If you didn't know, Kleenex has been around for 90 years (which is crazy to me!) & started out as facial tissue for removing makeup.  Kleenex® Style Studio products are inspired with high-fashion designs in mind. In fact in this video Kleenex went to the streets of New York and asked people if they could tell the difference between the tissue box or a high-fashion design:

*Thank you to Kleenex for sponsoring this post and for making my home stylish!