Little Black Dress

Black Dress

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It was a beautiful weekend here in DC, even with the little bit of overcast that we had yesterday. Saturday was 72 + sunny, perfect for spending the day with a good friend. Saturday was an early morning for Faith & I, as we both attended the Nordstrom Pentagon City Beauty Trend Show. Luckily, Faith was kind enough to bring me my favorite Starbucks drink, Cafe Vanilla Frap  & that kick-started the morning off right. The morning spent at Nordstrom Pentagon City was full of beauty & fashion, an amazing brunch & a beauty appointment with Laura Mercier (& of course we both ended up leaving with amazing beauty products).

When trying to figure out what to wear to the Beauty Trend Show event, I was torn between this Little Black Dress from Shop RiffRaff or the casual peach Zamrie shirt I told yall about last Friday. I ended going with the Little Black Dress & a pair of thick heeled booties that I picked up from T.J. Maxx the day before for $25! I decided that I wanted to dress up the Shop RiffRaff dress for the event & save the Zamrie shirt for going out that evening (pictures to come!). 

Sunday was spent brunching with Faith & Rosa at a cute little spot in Chinatown DC called NoPa Kitchen + Bar. The food was absolutely amazing & so was the bottomless champagne :)

But enough about me, what did you do this weekend?

Floral Jacket
Black & Gold Heels
Little Black Dress
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