Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk

Hello Thursday! & Hello to another Coffee Talk. Let's get to it!

FEELING: Life has been super stressful lately. So much going on & so little time. I could use a big giant dose of vacation right about now. My day dreams are currently filled with sand beneath my feet & a cold beverage in my hand & of course a little sun beaming on my face ... & then I snap out of it & realize that it might not be feasible atm, but a girl can dream right?

WATCHING:  I finally caught up on Nashville & let me just say.. I LOVE THAT SHOW! It has gotten to be so friggin' good. But then again, I love everything that is played on ABC like Grey's Anatomy, Revenge, Scandal... & I even miss Brother's & Sister's.

THANKFUL FOR: This beautifully blessed life that I live. Learning to be more in-tune with what exactly you are thankful for each & every day can be very revealing. It has made me realize that I am not always the most positive person & I am NOT ok with that. I have been praying daily that the Lord helps me think more positive & rely on His grace & mercy to get me through this trying life of mine.

THINKING ABOUT: N went on a snowboarding trip with his buddies in Jackson Hole Wyoming & he has been gone since Sunday morning.  5 days away from your favorite person in the world means you get to do alot of thinking. & I just want to say it - I miss N more than anything in the world & this week of having him gone was a great deal harder then I thought it was going to be. I realized that I don't like taking out the trash, sleeping in the bed alone or having to make my own coffee in the morning. I also realized that his kisses really are extra-special & so his is silly ol' handle-bar mustache that he thinks is super cute (which is is!.. but you can't keep it forever mister). I miss it all & I can't wait to see him tonight when he gets home.

EATING: For the last 5 days I have been eating cereal, microwavable dinners, pizza & Hershey kisses! & Let me just say there are ALOT more Hershey kisses involved then regular food (oi!).

READING: I can tell you what I'm not reading & that is the new issue of Domino. Still need to get my hands on it ... maybe this afternoon before my Madewell Event at Tyson's Corner I can stop by Target & pick one up. (p.s. if you are in the area I would love for you to stop by & say hi!)

LOVING: I recently took a trip to Gap & fell madly in love with their new collection. & I even scored some major cute stuff on sale ... like these polka dot flats!