The Prefect Easter Basket for Her

The Perfect Easter Basket for Her

Growing up, my mom always knew how make us kids feel extra special during the Holidays, especially Easter. She would help us decorate Easter eggs, make homemade Easter egg cookies & of course give us presents from the Easter Bunny! As I get older, I am realizing that I still want an Easter basket from my man, but with more 'big girl' goodies. Some men are good about knowing what to get their ladies for Christmas, Valentine's Day, & Easter & other's need a little direction. So I rounded up the perfect Easter basket for that lady in their life (aka me + you). So this is currently my Easter Basket wish list ... so N take note ;)


Monthly Magazine Subscription
Kate Spade Bracelet
Kate Spade Earrings
Lush Golden Easter Eggs
Cute Matches
BKR Water Bottle
EmiJay Hairties
Candy (reeces eggs + sweet tart minis are my fav)
Fresh Flowers (of course!)