Travel Essential: Venus Snap with Embrace Razor

Travel Essentials

Confession: I shave my legs once a day, sometimes twice a day. It is kinda a problem.

Confession: Venus Embrace razors have been one of my go-to razors for the last several years. So when I was offered the opportunity to test out the new Venus Snap with Embrace razor I was immediately on board.

A couple weekends ago, I went out of town to visit my little brother at Va Tech. You all may agree that trying to pack a razor in your travel bag is never an easy thing to do. The razor never fits properly or you've lost the cover to your razor (like me!). I made the biggest mistake last weekend by throwing my razor in the bottom of my bag & this girl cut the tip of her finger while digging around. OUCH! Let's just say, that I have learned my lesson & the new Venus Snap with Embrace razor will now be accompanying me (always) when I travel or am on the run.

Venus Snap with Embrace Razor

The Venus Snap with Embrace comes in the cutest compact case and feature's Venus' best Embrace blades on a mini handle, which makes it super easy to throw in your purse when you have plans to go out after work & you need to touch up the missed hairs on your knees (which I do all the time!). The compatibility of the razor makes it super easy to grab your razor while on the go or traveling & allows you the freedom to be spontaneous with smooth skin, anywhere. My favorite part is you only have to add water to use the razor. 

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"Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Venus through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Venus, all opinions are my own."