Happy Weekend


Happy Weekend friends! Sorry for being MIA this week, there has been a lot going on in my life & I just needed to take a step back & recoup. My mom & little brother are in town, so it has been nice having company. Yesterday, I took a little study break & worked in our yard (not even sure you can call it a yard!) with my mom. It is coming together nicely, even though our entire garden space is filled with clay underneath. Let's just say I was rather frustrated yesterday when trying to plant all my pretty flowers & I kept running into icky brown clay. Hopefully the pretty flowers survive. The forecast for today is 100% rain, but tomorrow is looking nice. I hope all of you have had a swell week & a wonderful weekend. My plan is to be back next week in full swing (but no promises!). So be sure to stop by & say hi! Enjoy your weekend. xo

p.s. happiest of birthdays to Miss. Faith! love ya girl! xo