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Hair Styling Tools

Hair care can be a daily struggle for many of us and an unwinnable battle for most; nearly 53% of women say unhealthy hair is a major concern and over half report spending ten or more minutes styling their tresses with heat. That’s a lot of time spent damaging your hair!

I wash & blow dry my hair daily & I am always looking for affordable styling brushes that get the job done. I was recently introduced to the ecoTOOLS® environmentally friendly hairbrushes that were designed with ecofriendly materials & technology.  

A few weeks back, I was sent all of the ecoTOOLS® environmentally friend hairbrushes to try out & review. They included the Smoothing Detangler, Full Volume Styler, Styler + Smoother, Sleek & Shine Finisher & the Quick Volume Styler. Now a little bit about each:

Smoothing Detangler

This wide round brush is for all hair types. It has an aerodynamic Eco-Vent that dries hair 20% faster with less heat damage. The brush is super lightweight & fits comfortably in your hands. I noticed that my hair was gently detangled with less frizz & static. I didn't mind this brush, but it was not my go-to.

Sleek & Shine Finisher

This brush is ideal for all hair types & its aerodynamic Eco-Vent helps dry hair 20% faster with less heat damage. This brush is also super light weight, but I am not a fan of the pattern bristles. The bristles are little too rough on my scalp & I find it to be hard to glide through my hair.

Styler + Soother

The half-round hair brush is perfect for all hair styles. I found this brush to be super lightweight & perfect for drying & styling my shorter hair. This brush also has the aerodynamic Eco-Vent that helps dry hair 20% faster & I can def. say that this brush does exactly what it says it would do. By far my favorites ecoTOOLS brush.


Quick Volume Styler

This round brush is ideal for short-medium hair. It has an aerodynamic Eco-Vent that helps dry hair 20% faster. The unique bristles are designed to create gorgeous, speed blow-outs & in turn help fight off frizz & static. This was one of the brushes I used more frequently then the others. In the beginning, the boars head bristles made it challenging to get the brush through my thick hair, but the more I used it seemed as tho the the bristles softened up.

Full Volume Styler

Ideal for medium-long hair, this wide round brush has an aerodynamic Eco-Vent that dries hair 20% faster with less heat damage. It is super lightweight & fits comfortably in your hands. As I tried to style/dry my hair the boar's hair bristles would get stuck, making it hard to pull the brush through. I didn't really find this brush to be too helpful, since my hair is much shorter.

EcoTools For Every Look

Each brush has several environmentally friendly aspects!

EcoVent™ pattern enhances air flow … dries hair 20% faster for less heat
Recycled + Recyclable Paper
Renewable Bamboo
Recycled Aluminum
Cruelty-free bristles perform like boar’s hair

Easy Weekend Hair
Easy Weekend Hair

I used the easy weekend hair video tutorial to perfect this look!

Eco-friendly Hair Tools

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