Happy Birthday, Beautiful!

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Twenty-seven years ago, the world made room for a little more fancy.  & Today I am celebrating another day, another breathe, another chance to be amazing! As we get older, birthday's are celebrated a little bit differently then they use to be. You don't really have birthday parties anymore, half the time it is spent working, you are lucky if you get a present at all & most of the time there is a little thing called alcohol involved, but whose complaining right? 

This year I get to spend my special day with the ones that mean the most - my honeybee, my family & N's family. It looks like it will be a pretty relaxing day full of nothing but just that ..relaxation! I think my mom is going to be rounding up some home made Mexican (can I get an amen!) & more than likely we will get a little corn hole action in over at N's parents house. Friday, my family, N + I are headed to Charlottesville VA for a day of tubing & wine tasting. HUZZAH! I hope to catch a few rays, but most importantly spend some quality time with my fam. That's one thing you realize as time flies, spending quality time with the fam is not so common.

In honor of August 14th - I put together some of my favorite loot & am giving my reader's the chance to win it all! Yep, that is right! All of the goodies below can be yours!