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Last summer, I was visiting my local Target, when I spotted these nifty drinks. Lucky for me, a rep for Neuro was restocking the shelves & handing out coupons for free ones. I decided to give them a try to see what I thought & much to my surprise, I liked them. Now, I am not a huge fan of flavored water or carbonated drinks, but these were different. They are only slightly carbonated & the flavors aren't over powering. My favorites have to be Neuro Bliss + Neuro Daily.

Neuro Bliss is a tropic citrus flavored drink with a goal to reduce stress and relax the mind. I found the Summer Citrus Berry flavor to be light & refreshing with a hint of carbonation. The supplements found in this drink are found to reduce stress, produce relaxation and enhance focus. Now, I can't say that these drinks will make you forget everything stressful thing going on in your life with a single bottle, but they taste great & are def. worth trying.

Neuro Daily is a tangy tangerine flavored drink that contains 1,000 IU of Vitamin D, along with Vitamin A, C, E, zinc + selenium. These supplements are found to support your immune system & protect you from the harmful effects of stress. Again, I don't think that this drink is your cure-all for not getting sick, so please don't go & stop taking your daily vitamins because you start drinking this drink everyday -- that would be no bueno & you should totally chat with your physician first. 

Now a little bit about the brand: Neuro drinks were created by Diana Jenkins with one main goal: to help individuals stay healthy. She thought that if she created dietary supplements that could help people everywhere make better choices for healthy lifestyles, then she was going to do it. Neuro offers 4 different drinks, which are all made with finest natural ingredients, meaning no artificial colors, artificial flavors or high calorie sweetners. Each drink is only 35 calories per bottle, which provide key vitamins and nutrients. Each drink is a supplement to help individuals energize and focusrelax and centerboost the immune system, and get much needed sleep. You can find Neuro at your local Walmart + Target.

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Neuro, but I have been a fan of Neuro drinks since last summer & solely wanted to share them with you. Thanks for supporting the brands that help Let It Be Beautiful shine.